Taking Risks: Our Video Version @ My Craft Channel

Our latest video is live at My Craft Channel, and it's definitely my favorite so far! I know that a lot of you have read our post about Taking Risks, but now you can HEAR our thoughts too!
PLUS, Cason shares lots of good advice when working with someone who has a more "feminine" style.



  1. Just watched it and taking the risk is my biggest challenge, I have had everything ready for my latest project for almost a whole month now and I am too scared to just jump into it. Not real sure why maybe because I will screw it up or something but hey I can't be perfect and after watching this I am planning on jumping right in on it today and hopefully finishing it! Thanks so much for your little bit of inspiration.

  2. You guys are really cute. I love that you are doing all of this together. My husband builds things for our house and helps me pick out decor or paint colors and it makes a huge difference in how I feel about our home. A lot of my friends are like, "My husband acts like I'm pulling teeth when I try to get his input on a couch!" So it's good to see couples that work as a team. The whole family makes a home, so the whole family should be reflected in it. I'm glad that you guys are a good example of that. So excited for more of your videos :) can't wait!

  3. Awesome video Shelley! I love you and Cason doing this series together; you guys are so adorable. ;) A lot of people are afraid of risk taking, not just with homes but other areas of their lives (example, hair cuts! Women tend to freak over a bad hair cut. I'm so NOT like that...it'll grow back!) But painting a room is so easy to do; getting out there & just starting w/paint is a great way to redo a space (can always paint over it...maybe not 5 times though! haha). Thanks for sharing your word of the year!! :)

    Great advise! I am in this boat right now with my home..I am taking it one project and one space at a time:))
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really like that statement, "You have to risk going to far to find out just how far you can go"! It really resonates with me. I plan to quote you and will link back in my little blog. I would like to pin that statement but it doesn't seem to be pinable (yep just coined a new word) so I will have to find another way to remember it and where I first found it. Any ideas? (I am still fairly new to all this stuff)
    thanks for the great blog and ideas. I enjoy reading it.

  6. I'm kinda new to your blog. {L.O.V.E it!} So I'm thinking you've covered this somewhere umpteen times, and I hate to ask, but I would love to know the name of the blue/grey color behind you. I am trying to pick a paint for our newly tiled master bathroom. I completely hear you about blue being a difficult color to choose. Each time I think I've got it - I get this overwhelming fear I'm creating a boy's nursery in there. *help* Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous ideas! It's so easy to get overwhelmed or stuck in a rut, but you're helping to grease those idea wheels. :)


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