Halloween Tablescape & Vinyl Decal Sale!

Okay, so It's a little bit early for Halloween decorating, but I spent some time this year working on a few more Halloween vinyl decals for The House of Smiths Design shop and I'm super excited to share them with you! I  also wanted to give everyone plenty of time to get their Halloween decals ordered before October is in full swing. I know a bunch of you mentioned still wanting to snag some of the decals from last year too.

Since our kitchen is in a bit of a chaotic state right now, due to a few changes we're working on, I decided to decorate my entryway table, instead. 

We're trying to focus on using our decorating budget for the kitchen and dinging room (updates coming soon), so this year I made it a goal to not buy even ONE thing for my Halloween tablescape! I simply recycled last years decorations and pulled a few items that I had around the house to complete a classically spooky display by my front door.

Really, the only 'new' thing I did was design a few decals to go in a couple of existing Ikea frames that I had around the house.

For the flying Witch silhouette and All Hallows Eve saying, I just applied the decals on a piece of thick, decorative cardstock paper, and then mounted them in their frames. Easy as that!
The frames are from the RIBBA series at Ikea. The 9x9 RIBBA & 12x16 RIBBA.
But don't worry, I also designed the decals to fit into other standard frame sizes too. You can pick your size choice when you checkout.

Last year our "along came a spider" printable was so popular, that I went off of that design and made a vinyl decal as well. It comes as a square, but you can put it on a plate, painted wooden board or frame.
white and gray decorative jars are from Gardner Village

I bought this yellow charger from Down to Earth at Gardner Village and put the decal right on the plate. You can leave it as is, or you can use an exacto knife to cut off the excess edges where your plate curves in. Just remember, if you are applying vinyl on an uneven surface (like a plate curve) then it might get a few creases in it. No worries. Just apply it, and then lift up the edges, where the folds or creases might be, and simply pull them in a direction that smooths them out.

Here's another variation of this decal, in a 9x12 RIBBA frame (without the matte)

You can pick up any of these new decals from our shop, The House of Smiths Designs, along with any of our vinyl decals that we sold last year!

BUT WAIT! (hee, hee) 
We're also including a 20% off discount on all of our Halloween themed decals!
Along with FREE SHIPPING on any orders (Halloween or not) of $75.00 or more. You just have to enter the code FREESHIP75 at checkout in the discount code box.  ye-haw!

Can you tell we're a bit excited about all the dress-up and spook this year?
Have you started decorating for Halloween? If not, are you getting excited to!?
...and can you even believe that it's going to be October in about a week and a half!? Crazy!

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  1. That "Fright" Banner is too cha cha for words. Lurve!

  2. oh my - y'all are starting to stress me out - everyone is decorating so fun for halloween..i just got done buying everyday stuff - thoughts of holidays are overwhelming me!!

  3. Seriously LOVE these. I have a weakness for all things Halloween. I totally applaud you for not spending any money. :O) I dont know if I could do it. I order some (lots) of vinyl and I cant wait to get it. I totally love that plate too and am going to Gardner Village next week, I think I might need to get one. :O)

  4. It looks great! Love the "All Hallows Eve" vinyl. I am slowly putting Halloween up..I love decorating for Halloween but I also get tired of it up after awhile so I have to do it in stages. Love that you used everything you had on hand. I always see new things and want them but I have so much already and changing it up to make it look different is a fun challenge.

  5. Love you decor for Halloween!!! Loving how subtle it all is:)

  6. Love the pictures, they're making me excited for halloween!

    Jan @Door251

  7. Love the books you added (and everything else of course)! I'm such a decorating book junkie - I have them everywhere.. Love it all!

  8. looks amazing Shells!!! how much for EVERYTHING?! that ALONG CAME A SPIDER is to die for! great work as always girl :)

  9. The plate is fabulous! I love the "Along Came A Spider" decal!

  10. where did you get your potion bottles? love them! :)

  11. where did you get your potion bottles? they are great!!! would love to find some... :) thanks!

  12. I normally hate holiday decorations because they tend to look tacky, in my opinion...but this is adorable!!!! Well done lady!

  13. It looks great! Love it!
    Following you now, would love a follow back!


  14. I have that mirror :) Great minds!!! Very fun Halloween display.

  15. This is all sorts of fabulous!
    Awesome job.


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