Trick-or-Treat Halloween Decal Deal!

We've had such an awesome response to our new Halloween themed decals that we showed everyone in our last post. Yay! I'm glad you all loved them! But we also have had a request by more than just a few people, for a small decal that simply said "trick-or-treat", like our big one... so we designed this little guy, added him to the shop and thought it would be fun to offer it to our readers for a slammin' deal of only
***You can order as many of these decals as you want, in all different colors, and still receive free shipping! But if you decide to purchase other decals from our shop, regular shipping rates will apply***

Here are some different ways to use this decal:

On a Painted Wooden Board
I got this routered board at a little unfinished craft wood shop here in town called The Wood Connection, but I know you can also find them at your local craft stores often. I painted it with some craft paint and then applied the decal on top.

On a Little Gift Box
You can snag these cute little boxes in all different sizes at Joann's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby. They usually run anywhere from .44 cents to $2.99 each, for the larger versions. You can paint them, cover them with paper, or just leave them white.
I simply cut my decal up for this project, and adhered it to the box top and two sides. Easy as that! I love this idea because you can line the box with some tissue paper and fill it with a yummy Halloween treat!
Great for teacher, co-worker, neighbor or friend gifts!

In a Cute Frame
Of course, I will find any excuse to use one of my cute frames from The Orange Blossom shop, and this yellow is perfect for Halloween. Like my decals in yesterdays post, I just mounted the vinyl on a piece of cardstock and then put it in the frame, just like you would a photo.

To purchase this "Decal Deal" just head to our shop:
The House of Smiths Designs

Happy Shopping!


  1. LOVE the "Trick or Treat" decal! I really think Halloween is my favorite holiday! ;)

  2. I so just did your Halloween candy tray from last year! The kiddos were so excited, my little one even forgot to unwrap the chocolate ghost eyeballs I had set out and ate the wrapper YIKES. Thanks for your fun ideas


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