A Hip Handmade Holiday with the Craft Pack!

I'm stoked to finally share with you a fun new digital holiday craft book that my cute friends and bloggers Susan from Freshly Picked, Matt and Alison, from The Alison Show have spent MONTHS creating; it's called A Hip Handmade Holiday! This digital project book is only $10 to purchase and it's loaded with 18 projects, 9 instructional videos and over 100 printable gift tags, stickers, labels, stencils, and patterns... for you to make holiday crafts this year, all for under $10 each!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to hang out with the Craft Pack and test drive a few of the awesome projects that are included in the book. Vivint, who just launched a new site called The Neighborhood, was kind enough to sponsor the event and provide a place for us all to get our crafting groove on.

Since I'm ALL about simple crafts; I decided to try out the Last Minute Gift Packaging downloads to make some unique, quick boxes, bags and containers to put gifts in this year.

Armed with a Diet Coke, tons of crafting supplies and my Hip Handmade Holiday downloads... I was happier than a bird with a french fry. (even though I may not seem like it from the pictures, jeesh, I look so pensive... apparently crafting is serious business for me. LOL)

Check out this short video of how my projects turned out, along with some fun ideas for quick, but cute and meaningful friend, teacher and neighbor gifts!
Note: The background in the video, is by stylist Cayleen Haynie: wallsbymur.com. The music in the videos is by PleasantPicturesMusic.com

These are images of some other projects featured in the book — you can make all of these with the easy instructions and printables included with the Hip Handmade Holiday downloads.

Like I mentioned before, you can purchase A Hip Handmade Holiday for only $10. Here's a little more from the Craft Pack crew, about what to expect with your purchase:

* There are projects for all levels of crafters—whether you’re a crafting master or crafting minor, you’ll find gifts you’re excited to create.
* The Craft Pack is dedicated to crafting success. Our crafts include pro-tips, shortcuts for quicker crafting, details on where to buy supplies, as well as videos with detailed instructions.
* The book is broken into six sections and each section has three crafts. The sections are: Gifts for Gents, Gifts for Ladies, Gifts for Four-Legged Friends, Gifts to Treasure, Gifts for the Home and Gifts In a Hurry.
* Our crafts are totally customizable and we give you lots of ideas on how to give each craft your own personal touch.
* One section we’re especially proud of is our Gifts for Gents. Men are especially difficult to craft for, our projects for men include: The Nutcracker Bowling League (bowling pins), Faux Antlers (a trophy made from paper mache) and The Lumberjack Breakfast Kit.

I'm SO happy for my sweet friends, who could accomplish such an outrageous task of compiling all of this in time for Christmas, for each of us to benefit from! It's a seriously fun, helpful and awesome book. You've GOT to check it out!

Happy Crafting!


  1. It almost doesn't matter what gifts are inside, because the packaging is so stinckin' cute. Am I the only one to be excited about the packaging sometimes more than the actual gift?

    Oh...and I've been meaning to ask you about your lipstick - what kind is it and the color. Every time I go to buy a lipstick, I come home with a lip gloss, and I am so tired of sticky teenager looking gloss. (sorry...totally unrelated to this post)

  2. unrelated also, and maybe someone has already said this bc I don't get much blog reading time these days; but goodness! With all your amazing hard work and weight loss you look like Reese Witherspoon!

  3. Just wanted to say that you look fabulous in all these photos!

  4. I went ahead & just bought the crafting book just for the ho, ho ho pillows! BUT so many other cute ideas as well :)

    1. Oh gosh, I know! They are SO cute, and there were a few girls who did them in the CUTEST fabric too, to match their homes decor.
      I want a set, but stick at sewing. ha!

      Have fun with the book!


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