Fab Gift Ideas for Teenagers

I don't know about you, but Christmas gift giving is something I sort of dread. Not because I don't like shopping, but because there are always those specific few people on my list that I NEVER know what to buy for them... and just recently, I realized about 80% of those people are teenagers and single, early 20-ish-year olds. Yes, I was between the ages of 17-23 once, so I SHOULD know what they like and want, but (at the risk of sounding old) I'm totally out of the "cool stuff kids like now-a'days" loop. ack! 

That being said, recently I was introduced to Fab, a modern, colorful, quirky site used by over 7 million people, offering a wide rage of designer items for all sorts of different groups on my list; and with the help and advice from a teenager girl and young adult boy by my side, we pulled together a few ideas of presents that THEY'D like to get for Christmas this year.
We chose gifts from Fab's Holiday Shop that stays live till December 31st; unlike Fab's typical designer events that usually expire in about 3-7 days. The holiday shop has gifts for him, her, best friends, pet lovers and more! Registration is free and easy too.

Apparently, teen girls love clothes (go figure! jk); also as equally adored are fun, colorful and useful wardrobe extras. These Flat Out slippers that you can roll into a small ball and store in your purse, to use when you're done wearing your uncomfortable heels, would be an awesome stocking stuffer, along with these cozy, yet crazy colored, patterned socks and this useful, funny sleep mask!

Jewelry is sort of a no-brainer for a girl and these were our favorite, funky picks.

I may have swayed my teenage girl into looking at a few room decor options for presents and I'm glad I did because that was actually an area where she picked the MOST stuff! Posters, a modern, fun chair, unique bright pillows and customizable pieces for her space were things that she loved! But beware, she said... and I quote: "Stuff for my room is usually only really cool when it's things I WANT, and not really things I NEED or that my parents think 'look good' "
Take note, Moms of teen girls, usually what they WANT isn't what's gonna go with YOUR style preference all the time. (heaven help me when my girls are teenagers...eek!)

Alright, onto the boys. Now THIS is totally out of my comfort zone, being that I don't have ANY boys in my home, but my final conclusion for young adult boys was: "If it's not funny, cool, or something I can play with... I don't want it." Yup... and THAT'S why I have such a hard time shopping for this creature. ha!
Okay, but really, they're pretty easy to please. I think the problem is that I tend to OVER-think the teenage/ single-guy buying process. Basically, if it's kinda funny and a little quirky ... then it's probably a good gift!

Some of our favorite boy picks were the Eyepster rainbow glasses, vintage-looking wood grain alarm dock, a compact wallet and a cool tape dispenser.

Graphic T's are also a big thing right now because you can make a statement without actually saying anything. Below are a few that our young-single guy picked out as his favorites; and yes, one is meant for a girl, but he said that was what made it even cooler.
(eh?... getting confused again. ha!)
1. 2. 3

And of course, our dudes last and favorite category was "Cool stuff to use or play with". An iPhone handset and fish-shaped phone charger, along with a funky pocket piano were among the many cool designer goods  that our mister wanted from Fab's holiday shop.

So what do you think? Is there a certain group of people on your list that are harder to shop for than others? Would the teenagers you know love a few of these items from Fab as gifts this year? I know that there are more than a couple of things that I've already got in my cart ready to purchase.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Your list gave me one or two ideas for suprise gifts. However, my teenagers (I have 5 ages 13-19, two sets of twins) tell me exactly what they want, so that is usually not a problem. The problem is my Parents in their 60's and 70's who have everything and can and do buy everything they want. Sure they might like a trip to Greece or something like that, but I certainly can't afford it.

  2. I really like that orange pillow! I don't have any kiddos yet but even buying for my young niece and nephew is never easy - and it's always the men I have such a hard time with buying for, of pretty much any age!

  3. I actually have an easier time shopping for the teens than my parents and in laws... what do you get for people who never ask for anything and buy everything for themselves?? I will totally have to check out the FAB sight!

  4. Oh these are all lovely and I think I want them too as a grown women.xx

  5. Jewellery gift idea is ideal for teenage girls. Also wood grain alarm is a good selection to gift geek or nerdy teenage boys. I think they would love it.

  6. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! I have 4 teenagers and can always use ideas!


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