DIY Gift Packaging for the Holidays

I'm a huge fan of gift giving... okay, AND receiving, but MOSTLY giving. Oddly enough my favorite part about gift giving isn't the actual gift, it's the package that the gift comes in! There's just something about handmade, unique, interesting or beautiful packaging that makes my heart go pitter-patter.

A few weeks ago I blogged about how I had the opportunity to work with a couple of talented ladies who have created an e-book filled with lots of holiday DIY crafting ideas. The book is titled "A Hip Handmade Holiday". The portion of the book that I loved the most was the section filled with printable tags, cards and labels to create personalized holiday packages. Below are a bunch of ideas I came up with.

This got me thinking and researching about other great ways to package up this years Christmas goodies and gifts. Here are a few of my favorites.

Brown Paper Packages tied up with String:
Who knew that inexpensive brown paper bags could look so chic? The rustic, natural tones, textures and various sizes that brown bags come in make them perfect for holiday gift giving. You can print sayings on them, stamp them, put decorative stitching on them or simply add a few embellishments to make them look spectacular.
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Goodies in a Jar:
Recycling glass jars and using them as a container for your next Christmas goody package is a great, thrifty option you could utilize this year. I especially love the mason jar recipe trend that has taken off. Just pile up the dry ingredients from your favorite recipe into a jar, attach instructions, additional ingredients needed, and you've created a super simple gift idea that your friends or neighbors can take advantage of now or later!
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Treats with Toppers:
If you're having a hard time getting your hands on cute jars, no worries. Presenting your treats or small gifts in simple plastic storage bags can work great too. Just craft up a pretty bag topper to give it some flair, staple it on and you're set. This is a great idea for party favors or class parties at school too!
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Printable Gift Tags:
No package would be complete without an adorable gift tag to go along with it, am I right? With just a little searching you can find tons of adorable, free, printable holiday tags online to adorn your cute packages or presents with this year; but when printing them, think outside the box. Use fabric, brown craft paper or even sticker paper to give your labels the extra "cool factor" that will make your friends Ooo and Ahh.
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What are your thoughts on handmade, DIY packaging for the holidays? Do you have a favorite, unique way that you package up your gifts? I feel like it's a cuter, less expensive alternative to just buying gift packaging supplies at the store, especially if I have a lot of presents to give out. Plus, it holds a little more meaning and makes your gift really stand out from the rest. 

On another note:
Tomorrow is the LAST day to place a vinyl order in time for Christmas!

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  1. Great packaging ideas! I love all the creative packaging. :)

  2. Hi, Shelley! Funny how your posts are so similar to mine! I just did a post on my blog about "Cheap Gifts," and I had made a "DIY Craft Pack" for my friend's 40th birthday!

    I had found a $1.90 old metal bucket (but cute!) from the thrift store......painted it......and put creative quotes all over it, and personalized the inside. She loved it!! You're so right--the packaging that it comes in is pretty special, too :)

    Cost was about $60 total after stuffing it with my favorite DIY crafting supplies, like a Purdy brush, Rub n' Buff, and some plaster of paris so she can make her own chalk paint! :)

    Here's a link to the "DIY Craft Pack" if you'd like to take a peek!



    Thrift Diving

  3. So fun! Love all of your great suggestions and inspiration! I agree with you, I love getting creative on my gifts because it makes people feel extra special!

  4. It looks lovely, kind of vintage and beautiful presentations, really cool mixer styles too.

  5. I love all the jars! I always package my gifts like your first selection - brown paper tied up with string. This year I got brown paper floor protection from the paint section and green landscape twine from hardware department at Home Depot - yes, I get my holiday wrapping supplies at Home Depot!

  6. ​How fantastic. I love DIY gifts and decorations at Christmas time; it adds an extra spark into my home. Very classic feel to your brown paper wrapping!


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