DIY Gold Rimmed Dinner Glasses & Striped Napkin Rings

Just as I promised, today's post is a quick tutorial all about our super simple, yet extravagant looking gold rimmed dinner glasses and striped napkin rings that we used for our Christmas tablescape this year.

Cason and I looked high and low for gold rimmed glasses to add that elegant touch to our table setting, but all we could find were wine glasses that were always WAY too expensive and only came in sets of four. Since Cason and I don't drink and our kiddos would be using the glasses too, we decided that our glassware needed to be something that was a lot more substantial, less expensive and not quite as fragile. 

We spotted this set of 12 footed goblets from World Market for only about $24 and knew that they would be the perfect shape, but didn't have a gold rim. So we thought... "If we can't find 'em, we'll just make them ourselves!"

With the help of some leftover ScotchBlue painters tape, some mulit-surface acrylic Martha Stewart gold craft paint and a foam brush, we were in business!

Gold Rim Glassware Instructions:
* Prep your glassware according to your paints instructions. Ours called for a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol.
NOTE: This paint is non-toxic and water based, so it is safe to use on these glasses for drinking.

* Use a towel to lay down your drinking glass on.

* Decide how wide you'd like your gold rim to be on your glass.

* Apply your ScotchBlue tape evenly around your glass. This will have to be done in a few pieces to avoid ripples and to insure an even continuous line.

* Once your tape is on, rub it down firmly to make sure none of the paint can leak through.

* Apply 3-4 coats of paint to your glass with a foam brush. Make sure to follow your paints instructions and wait the proper amount of allotted time between coats.

* Once you have your desired coverage, remove your ScotchBlue tape to reveal your painted rim glass!

We sort of fell in love with the touch of gold that our newly DIY'ed glassware gave our tablescape, so we decided to take it one step further by adding some REALLY inexpensive gold striped napkin rings to our tablescape as well.
Believe it or not, while at the hardware store we spotted a bag of 1 inch coupling sockets (that are typically used as plumbing hardware) and thought they would make the perfect napkin rings!

Striped Napkin Ring Instructions:
* Use ScotchBlue delicate surface painters tape to create stripes on your coupling socket.
The tape we had needed to be about half the size in width, so we basically used the same technique that we implemented on our DIY Stenciled Storage Boxes. We simply put pieces of our tape down on card stock, cut them evenly down the center, then into little strips, peeled them off our card stock and then applied them onto our coupling socket.

* Once your tape is in the correct spots, again, rub it down firmly to avoid any paint leaking through.

* Apply 3-4 coats of acrylic paint to the exposed surfaces.

* Then remove the tape to reveal your striped napkin rings!

These two separate splashes of gold were the perfect way to dress our table up this Christmas, and we were able to do it really inexpensively too! Bonus!

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  1. Is the gold paint food/beverage safe? Just wondering since the paint touches the rim of the glass.

  2. are they drinking safe and dishwasher friendly? just wondering because i've been looking high and low for glasses like these too!

    1. Yup! I added a link and info below :) Sorry I didn't include it earlier

  3. It looks beautiful! I do have a couple of questions. First, doesn't craft paint come off of glass with just soap and water, will this actually stand up to a washing?

    Second, because of where the stripe is, you are basically going to be licking craft paint every time you take a sip. Does that bother you at all?

    Other than those questions, I'd say you found a great option for your table!

    1. This paint is meant for glass, non porous and porous surfaces too, so there's really no chipping at all :) I added a link below that you can reference to!

  4. Your tablesetting is so elegant! It's picture perfect! What a great find at Cost Plus. I just love that store :-)

  5. Are you sure it's safe to be drinking out of those glasses? I would think, over time, you'll be ingesting some acrylic paint for sure. They look cute though!

  6. Love the touch of gold! And the Ballard shelves. I've got to have some,somewhere in my house. I <3 them!

  7. Hi Shelley,

    This is a really cute idea! I'm just wondering if the paint is food safe for your glasses?


  8. Replies
    1. Yup! Added a link below. Sorry I didn't include it before :)

  9. Sorry ladies, I meant to add that fact.

    The Martha Stewart multi-surface acrylic paint IS non-toxic and safe. It's also water based.

    You CAN put the glasses in the dishwasher (top rack) after a certain time period of curing. I can't remember quite how long.
    You can read more about the paint here: http://www.michaels.com/Satin-Acrylic-Paint/cp0469,default,pd.html

  10. Always so creative! Love both!

  11. So smart! Thanks for sharing it....definitely going to file this away for the To Do list later!

  12. Beautiful! You must be so excited to celebrate in your new gorgeous space!

  13. Beautiful as always! I adore your decorating style!

  14. Fabulous as always Shelley!! I love your dining room! It looks so beautiful all decked out for Christmas!!

  15. you should add an update above about the food safe part so you don't have to keep re-directing people to your comment!

    super cute glasses!! and love the napkin ring idea!!

  16. I like this idea, but I think despite the label stating the product is non-toxic it is not really food safe.

    Take a look at this site.


  17. Thanks so much for sharing this great tip! Love the glasses and napkin rings! Happy Holidays!
    House on the Way

  18. I absolutely love your DIY projects because they look high-end but were made on a small budget. Please tell me where you purchased the darling wreaths hanging on your chairs...or did you make those too. Haha

  19. I have had a gold crush for awhile now. Gold is the new silver. I am going to have to blow the dust off my gold rimmed glasses, and yes gold utensils. All that glitters....

  20. I meant to add I love your new table!

    Please remind me what the finish is called?

  21. Just wanted to let you know that I featured this post on my blog because I <3 it! Can't wait to try it out myself! Here's the link if you want to check it out: http://yourworkistodiscoveryourworld.blogspot.com/2012/12/monday-blogg-madness-numeral-tres.html THANKS!

  22. I just love both of these projects. Your table was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the how to. Have been wanting to do gold rimmed glasses.

  23. The one thing I have seen is to put paint below the rim a bit. Then you don't touch the paint, even if it is safe. Although I do like it at the top.
    What was the approximate price of the rings for the napkins? Did they come in a bag that size? I need to check that out, I have been looking for a nice napkin right without using a toilet paper roll.

  24. Another question, isn't there painters tape that is thinner, vs cutting it perfectly down the center? I am pretty sure there is.

  25. wow!! looks really gr8


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