A Blogger's Office Makeover - Custom Office Worktable using Ikea Drawers

Since I am planning on having my Faux Barn Wood Tutorial posted on either Monday or Tuesday of this next week, I thought it would be good to cover the actual construction of my new worktable for our Blogger's Office Makeover, beforehand!
So here's how we went about building this custom worktable:


Whippy for Africa - Inspiring Change and Dreaming Big

Do you all remember my friend Becki from Whippy Cake!?

She's the adorable, crazy-funny, beautiful face and mastermind behind all of me and my girls' favorite hair accessories.


The House of Smiths 15 Fabulous Fonts!

It's that time again... Another Tell me More post!

I'm actually really excited about this one, because I've been meaning to address this topic for a LONG time now. One question that I get asked over and over again is... "What are the fonts on your site called!?"
Well wonder no more, because I'm here to share
The House of Smiths, top 15 Fabulous Fonts!!!

I'm a font JUNKIE! It all came about when we decided to start up our vinyl shop business about 5 years ago. I just couldn't get enough of all the beautiful fonts that so many talented people had to offer me! I have thousands of fonts stored on my computer, but these 15 are definitely in my "favorites" category :)



Working Hard... or Hardly Working Out?

Yup, it's that time again... where you get to hear me drone on and on about my personal thoughts towards diet/gym stuff, instead of home renovations or decor. ha!

I'm now heading into week 19 of my HARDEST DIY project yet... 
Project: Lose Weight.
You can read more entries about my journey so far, here and here.

So, I've been going to the gym for a long time now, right? No less then 5 days a week, and usually in the morning. After a while, you start to see the same people each day...

* The chick who totes her huge purse around with her everywhere she goes, and then tends to leave that purse on the seat of the next machine she wants to use, to "reserve" it, till she's done chillin' and texting away on her phone at the current machine she's on.

* The muscle head that makes ridiculously loud attention-grabbing noises while lifting crazy amounts of weights...and really barely even does much, besides discreetly looking at himself in the mirror between sets, and walking back and forth from the weights to the water fountain every 5 seconds.
(Oh! and making flirty glaces at the girl on the treadmill next to me)

* The middle-aged man who hits up all the machines, yet focuses more time on using the disinfecting spray and paper towels to wipe them down, instead of actually working out on them

and last, but not least...

* The 22-26 year old single (totally already fit and skinny) girl who always tends to jump onto the machine right next to me, just as I'm finishing the last 10 minutes of my work out, with her super long-haired ponytail that she frantically whips back and forth.
I am truly convinced that she's more worried about the cuteness of her "ponytail swing" then actually breaking a sweat. (no joke)... maybe she's doing it to to impress the muscle-dude ???



DIY'ing in the Office with Mom - Sanding and Clean Up

Alright... You know when you start a project, think it's going to take like a day or so, and then about the 3rd  or 4th day in you realize,
  "WOW, this dang project has turned out to be WAY more extensive and time consuming then I thought it would be!" (grrr)
Yeah, so that's pretty much how my "Faux Barn Wood" painting tutorial is coming along. LOL.

Don't worry, the actual panting technique will be speedy!... it's been all the PREP to get the wood even READY for the paint, that is taking forever! I was so desperate for help to get this tabletop to the point where I could at least start the first step of paint, that I even got my Mom in on the action.

Pssst... Dad, you would have been SO proud! She totally OWNED that little saw!


Farmhouse Sinks, Outdoor Spaces and Claw Foot Soaking Tubs

This post may seem a bit random, but I recently got asked the question... 

"If money wasn't an option, and you had the manpower... 
what would you want to buy or do next, in your home?"

I didn't realize how passionately and quickly I could answer this question, until I started mindlessly writing my answers down, So I thought I'd turn this into a little session of:

Once I got thinking, I pretty much had three big things that I WISH I could do/have, but probably never will. (at least in THIS house anyway).

#1. A Farmhouse style Kitchen Sink.
Yup, I want one SO bad! For a while there, we even toyed with the idea of cutting out granite, shortening/replacing kitchen cabinets, or even demo-ing the "sink part" of our kitchen, JUST to install a beautiful farmhouse styled basin. Unfortunately Cason DOES put is foot down every once in a while... so this obsession had to quickly fizzle and die.


A Blogger's Office Makeover - Built-in Storage Unit - Part 1

It's a common known fact that most of our projects, whether it be hanging photosdecorating or tearing down walls, start of with a sketch or two. 
Our Blogger Office Makeover has been no different.

The first sketch, that I'm titling... "Painting Time" comes from this little chick...

I found this just a few days ago, sitting in the pile of papers in my (now crazy-messy) office. I asked Jocelynn about the picture and she said, "Oh, I made that a long time ago. That's you, and that's Daddy. I wanted to make it for you, so you could see what the office would look like with all the gray paint on the walls when it was finished. And see!... you're happy, because you like it!"
PS. Those are paint brushes in our hands and paint cans on the floor by our feet. NOT telephones and stools to sit on! (blush) You would think that I'd learn after being a Mom for 6 years, that you don't ever try to GUESS what's actually IN the photo... you patiently just wait for the child to explain the entire picture to you first.
PPS. Only on RARE occasions do I wear my fanciest of triangle dresses to paint. She must have caught me on a good day.


Thursday Thoughts

Today I planned on posting something great.... But then we decided to get started on a cool project in my office instead.
You'd rather I do that, then sit at my computer... right?

Just wanted to keep all you fabulous people informed that we're still movin' forward!
Here's to a productive weekend!


A Blogger's Office Makeover - The Beginning Stages

Here we are again, ready to tackle our next space... and this time, it's my office! whoo hoo!
I'm beyond excited to FINALLY give this space some MUCH needed attention, so we'll officially be calling this project: 

I mean, I'm in this little room about 90% of my day, so you'd THINK that I would have something better to sit at other then a $29.99 Walmart folding table...(face plant to the palm)... BUT, I don't.


When Real Life Hits... It Hits HARD!

You know how sometimes in life things just fall into place really well? Finally jobs seem to be working out, bills are being paid, everyone's happy and healthy?

Well... this is NOT one of those times.

Okay, okay... our jobs are actually really good and even though we got slammed hardcore with crazy taxes this year, we're still managing to pay the bills. But as far as the happy, healthy people part goes... things couldn't be farther from the truth.

I can handle kids being sick for a few days... maybe even a week, but when it carries into day 14 and 15... well then I start to lose my ever-lovin' mind. I can only recall my kiddos being THIS sick once before. Normally they are pretty healthy and usually bounce back quickly from those regular "school yard" colds and sniffles, but JEESH, we've been working hard for the past two weeks just trying to get over these nasty sicknesses that have plagued our house! (and yes, we've been to the Dr.)

We've officially had pink eye, croup AND the flu.

Seriously!?... This Mom needs a B.R.E.A.K!
(Is anyone else having to deal with this garbage at their house!?)


Must Have Camera Accessories: By Emilie @ Photo by Emilie

Before I get started today, I first wanted to give a big THANKS to all of you who linked up your photo-a-day posts on Monday. It's been really fun flipping through the links and finding out a little more about you!
Secondly, I am really excited to share this new little blogging series with you, that I thought would not only be fun, but also a bit educational too, called...
 I get emails ALL the time, asking questions from...
"How do you get everything done, do you ever sleep?" to,
"What's the best way for me to make money blogging?" and
"Does Cason have a single, handy brother just like him? My daughter needs a date!"
Our readers NEVER cease to entertain us, so I thought it would be nice to FINALLY address a few of these questions each week. Sound okay?... good :)


Photo-a-day Linky Party - February

Who's ready to party!?

Oh good!... I am MORE then ready to have some fun flipping through lots of your monthly roundup photos and thoughts, especially because this weekend has been SO crazy! We have had some super sick little kiddos, and then at the last minute decided to hop right into a big new DIY project... My Office!

Yes, we're crazy... and No, our master bathroom STILL isn't done. Gah!
I know, I know! It's really just too hard to focus on ONE project, when you have about a TRILLION other creative ideas floating around in your head! (please someone agree with me).
If you are totally confused about how we operate here at The House of Smiths, then I'll make it simple for you:
Any project that seems cooler, funner or more exciting at the time, will ALWAYS come before anything else... even if that means abandoning one thing, to work on another.
Creative ADD... It's a real thing, people.


The Homies 2012 - We'd Love your Vote!

Happy first day of March everyone! (still can't believe it's MARCH already!)
I'm not quite sure how all of you started YOUR March 1st, but ours was filled with LOTS of the powdery white stuff... whew! We got slammed last night!
Cason had to dash off to work once I got home from the gym today so guess who got to shovel the incredibly heavy, wet snow? bleeehhh. Can you say DOUBLE workout!? yeesh! LOL.