Spring Colors for 2013 + Tips for Freshening Up your Space

Have you seen all the fun colors for Spring 2013!?
I'm dying over the mix of bright, bold and airy shades that keep popping up all over my favorite home decor stores! The other day I was with a friend when we decided to pop into Anthropology and quickly became mesmerized by all the crazy-awesome patterns and colors that were splashed from one end of the store to the other.
Yes, it's true, most of these beautiful goods were way out of my budget, but it's still so fun to look! Remember... never rule ANYWHERE out when shopping for decor; if nothing else than to just be inspired.

To read about some ways that you can easily and naturally work a few of these great new colors into your home this Spring, without breaking the bank, check out our full article over at Homes.com for some quick tips and tricks.

If you're all set on color, then you might want to take a peek at our other article for Freshening up your space for Spring. We chat about ways to, inexpensively, simply brighten up the rooms in your home, so that you can really get the full feeling of the lovely Spring season, indoors too!

Happy Weekend Reading!


  1. The colors are inspiring! I think I'll start with a new color on my toe nails, LOL! I have already made a scrappy fabric spring twig and revamped my spring wreath for my front door, both are posted on my blog. Thanks for sharing the links!

  2. Anthropology is the place to get ideas and inspiration. Who can afford to buy anything, unless it's on sale? I wonder how they stay in business?

  3. I often so there for creative inspirations, too. And I write down the names of their gorgeous books and head off to the library. :)


  4. My cousin and I were in Anthropology last weekend and she picked up one of those bowls for her desk at work. So fresh. Love all the colors this spring! Bring it!!

  5. Ooooh! Thank you so much for these tips :) I love those colors. :)

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