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'Tis the season for chatting about yard work, and more importantly curb appeal; so that's what we're discussing over at Homes.com this month! As we confessed last week, we may not be the best at maintaining the awesomest lawn in town, but curb appeal is SO MUCH MORE than that! Think... outside decorating!

Adding color, tidying up your flowerbeds and displaying a little personality to the exterior of your house and it’s surroundings, is the fun part about being a homeowner. The possibilities are endless, so over at Homes.com we're covering four simple, big-impact ways to really add pizzazz to your property this year.

If you have an older home, or live in an area where you experience extreme weather, the exterior of your house may need a bit more attention than just periodical touch-ups. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your stucco, siding or trim can really punch up your curb appeal. It’s also a great way to attract homebuyers, if you’re looking to sell. The condition of the outside of your home will probably be the first thing that potential homebuyers will see when looking for a new place, so make sure that yours is clean, fresh and stands out from the rest.

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