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As kids go through different stages of life, so do their rooms. From diapers and burp cloths to an overabundance of toys and then mountains of school work and books. While there isn't a room out there that can accommodate each stage of life perfectly without one single change along the way, there ARE a few things that you can keep in mind to make the transition from baby, toddler, and then teenager a little bit smoother. 

Furniture that can serve more than one purpose is a big key to having a space that will grow with your kids. There are lots of different companies jumping on the "convertible kid furniture" bandwagon, so just keep your eye out and don't be afraid to ask your local furniture retailers if they offer options such as these.
One thing to note is that sometimes these changeable kid pieces can run quite a bit more money. The higher price tag may have you second guessing your purchase, but know that in the long run, you can really get your money's worth out of them. 


  1. What a cool crib!

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  2. That crib is AWESOME! We are expecting our first little one in february and I can't wait to have a new type of room to decorate and buy for! :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

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