Loreto Mexico Vacation Part 2 - Creating Memories

When we last left off I had covered our first stop in LA and then days one and two in Mexico, so I thought I'd pop back in to share a couple more days of our adventure. Days three and four in Loreto to be exact!

The morning of day three we headed out early to take in a 45 minute hike up the mountain where our resort was located. The views are stunning and watching the sun come up and reflect on the water was magical.

After we got back and cleaned up, it was time for a cooking class that we had signed up for. 
To start things off, we had to do a "visiting Mexico" initiation of eating clams straight from the shell, with lemon, salt and hot sauce.
(((insert queasy feeling and squished up face here)))
My mom looked a lot braver than I did before this slimy creature slid down our throats, so I snapped a picture of her instead... AND a photo of the empty shells, to prove that they actually got eaten. 

I'm the sort of person who will try anything once, so that's what I did. Now I know that I just don't like clams from their shell. The End.

The cooking class at the resort was really fun and easy. We made shrimp ceviche and it was YUMMY! I'll be honest and say that I didn't know limes could actually cook raw shrimp/seafood all on their own, without heat. It was really neat to watch to process happen.
With a little tomato, cilantro, onion, avocado, salt and the citrus cooked shrimp... we had a really delicious snack to take with us for the rest of the day.
All of these fun activities, scattered in around pool time and even a behind the scenes kitchen tour at the resort, was a great way to spend our third day in beautiful Loreto.

Day four was packed with exploring the little town of Loreto itself.
I'll admit, I am a nervous traveler. I'm not a natural explorer or adventurer by nature, so going to another country... or heck, even STATE, can sometimes make me really nervous. Throw in the fact that you can't understand anything anyone's saying and not being able to use Google maps on your phone to find where you're going... and you've got my husbands kinda vacation.

I feel like this is why we work so well together in our marriage. He's a very mild mannered dreamer who doesn't let language barriers or directional complications slow him down or frustrate him, while I'm usually all wound up worrying about where we're headed and how we'll get there. In reality, most of the time I'm just along for the ride, white knuckled and camera in hand, ready to capture the beautiful scenery and way of life...

... and that's what day four was all about. 
We shopped, did some sightseeing, ate the most AMAZING fish tacos and then rode out to the pier, where we were approached by a man who wanted to rent us fishing poles. We politely declined, so then he offered us a boat ride to a small island. After we declined that, he whispered to Cason, "Okay, I know what you want, I can get you marijuana, no problem." Cason's response was something to the effect of, "Uhhhhh... we're good, thanks. Just here to see the birds and fish." MY reaction was to set off into the fastest speed walk that you ever did see, with Cason chuckling behind me.

After we settled in back at our resort, I pulled out my little treasures from the market, one being a hand painted bowl for all of my small jewelry. It was perfect and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it.

I've quickly learned, being married to Cason, that even though exploring a new city, state or country can be filled with unknown circumstances and awkward moments... sometimes, that's what creating memories, growing and learning more about yourself and others, is all about.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. Looks spectacular.

  2. Loved seeing all of your pics on instagram! It got me totally excited for my Mexico Getaway over Memorial day weekend.

  3. I get nervous in other countries too. But my husband went on a mission to Venezuela, so he loves to go to any Spanish-speaking country and we just explore. Luckily, since he speaks their language (even though they usually don't realize it until we're walking away), it calms me to know that they're not plotting to kidnap and sell us as slaves! (the movie Taken has ruined me for life!)

  4. love seeing all your beautiful photos from your trip! don't you just love vacation?!

  5. Can you share your yummy-looking shrimp recipe?

    1. The recipe is really simple! Just 4 uncooked shrimp, diced into small pieces and then soaked in fresh key lime juice (the juice from about 6 small limes) until cooked. A handful of chopped cilantro, 2 tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, 1/4th a small purple onion. Salt and pepper to taste. You could also use a bit of a jalapeno or chili pepper to spice it up a bit if you want :)

      Hope that helps!

  6. Gorgeous pictures. Looks like you really had a wonderful time. It looks so peaceful and relaxing and that is what we all need once in a while. Thanks for sharing your trip :)

  7. Lord.Have.Mercy.
    I want to skip down that sidewalk under those curvy trees and do a cartwheel at the end! Unbelievably gorgeous. I showed the picture to my hubby while we were sitting on the patio this afternoon. When he passed the phone back to me, he caught me looking at our row of trees in the backyard and just said 'NO'.
    Darn it.

  8. Looks so pretty and how great to experience another culture.

  9. What a fun trip! I love that heart shaped rock idea :) very cute!

  10. Love looking at your pics. We take a big family vacation each year to somewhere new. We love it! It's so much fun checking out the lifestyle and scenes. Glad you all had a great time.

    @ bohemianjunktion.com

  11. Ooooooh, I can't believe you ate the clams straight from the shell. You are one brave chick!


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