There's Google Reader Drama - But I'm DIGG'n the Alternative

Something that I don't need more of in my life, is drama.
While it may seem exciting to some, to me, it's just unnecessary.

So this "Google Reader going away mess"... just makes me feel annoyed more than anything.
Why take away something that's working just fine?
Oh yeah... it's because you're Google and you can do that.
>>> insert eye roll here <<<

What readers are thinking:
"SERIOUSLY? this was the quickest, easiest way for me to keep up on all the blogs I wanted to read! What am I going to do now?
I just wanna stay updated on all the blogs I love!"

What bloggers are thinking:
"OH NO! All those readers that were coming to visit my site through Google Reader, may not come anymore, because they don't know I've posted something new! I just wanna share all my hard work and good ideas with my friends!"

Alright, alright... everyone pull on your big kid undies, and let's talk options.

1. If you've never used a reader, then this doesn't effect you. Please move on with your drama-free day.
For those of you who don't use a "reader", it's just a quick and simple way to import the web address of the blogs/sites you like into one place, so that you can keep up with them, instead of having to type in the web address of each one, each day. Basically, it's like a card catalog of cool blogs that you like to read.

This is a reader that I feel is the MOST similar to Google's reader. It will let you text OR image list the blogs that you input, so you can get all the updates that you need.

Lots of you already use this option, and it seems to be one of the most popular, so I'd suggest this as well. It's user friendly, just like DIGG, and lists out the blogs most recent posts that you are following.

It seems that today is the last day that Google Reader will be live, so you might want to skeedattle over to one of these two options, to hurry and import your Google Reader feed. Just follow the instructions on either site. It's SUPER simple and only takes a few moments. I just did both this morning, and it only took me about 3 minutes.
If you don't use a reader, but are thinking of trying one now, we'd love to be included on your list!

Done and Done.
Oh! and Drama Free.

Have a great day! Hopefully we'll still see all of our friends around!


  1. I STILL don't understand why this is going away.
    But I noticed my readership is down today....on the day it went away.
    Evil coincidence?

  2. I like Bloglovin' so far! Hey, what ever happened to that house you decorated for Parade of Homes? Was it for PoH? I remember you giving us sneak peeks here and there long ago. Did I miss the grand finale post?

  3. I've been loving feedly reader for sometime now. I love how it lets me view it in different formats and organize my blogs by topics! Ready for all the hub but to be over.

  4. I'm loving Feedly. It is connected in some way to Google Reader so all my blogs were already there when I logged in with my google username and password. I wrote a review of it on my blog (http://www.ourlifeindesign.blogspot.com/2013/03/google-readers-going-bye-bye.html) awhile back and love the preview option. You are able to view and comment on your favorite blogs in full without have to click out of Feedly - fantastic for truncated posts.

  5. So which one do like better and are you using? I'm one of those people that have never used Google Reader but probably should have since there are so many blogs I try to keep up with!!

  6. But apparently NONE of them offer a 'next' option, which is what I always used. :( You could install the 'next' button on your toolbar, and just hit it and it would take you to the next blog on your list.

    I'm really going to miss that. :(

  7. I switched over to Feedly a few weeks ago and I like it so far. I might try Digg though just to compare.

  8. As sad as I am to see Google Reader go, it was a smart business move. DIGG Reader is only a couple days old and since DIGG has a lot of bad history, I dunno if I'd trust it with my precious RSS feed. Especially if you want drama-free technology. I'd recommend The Old Reader. I've loved using it!

  9. i've always used bloglovin' exclusively, so i don't know any different i guess! glad i'm not having to deal with the "drama" of it all. :) thanks for sharing, though, i'll have to check out digg too!

  10. I really like Feedly and it is just as easy to move everything over. I like the magazine layout...lots of pretty pictures!


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