Great Weekend Reading and Home Moments

I feel like I've been hit by a MAC truck this week. It was the first FULL week of school for the year, and between new learning styles, friends, routines, teachers AND a sudden head cold... I'm exhausted. Well that, and the fact that I did a LOT of sleeping-in during the Summer months, so this whole waking up at 7am every morning stuff is kickin' my trash!
I'm ready for a relaxing weekend at home, before Monday starts again, how about you?

That being said, I thought I'd leave you for the next couple of days with some fun/interesting reading material from one of our favorite spots, the Homes.com blog. This month I shared a mind-blowingly awesome, easy dessert recipe that I had to make sure you guys knew about, and we also have lots of super talented blogger-friends who are contributors over on their site too, so I just can't help but share a handful of posts that I think are great.

Mason Jar Ideas + Dark Chocolate Raspberry Trifle Recipe
Mason Jar Ideas + Dark Chocolate Raspberry Trifle Recipe

How to Update a Shower Glass Door

Fresh From The Garden Recipes
Top 5 Apps to Help You Stay Organized
Top 5 Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Installing Tile: Tips and Tricks for the Beginner

Finding Your Own Decorating Style

I'm not sure if' you've caught a glimps of them yet, but Homes.com has also recently launched their first national campaign, with a couple of adorably-smart and catchy billboards and commercials, appearing on channels like TLC, HGTV and the DIY network!!! This is SO exciting for all of us who work for, or with Homes.com!

To celebrate, Homes.com is sponsoring the Home Moments Sweepstakes. From tackling a new DIY project or throwing a big party, your home is where you celebrate life’s most important moments; so Homes.com wants YOU to share your home moments through the Home Moments sweepstakes on Facebook, where you'll then have the chance to win $2,000!
Yeow! That's a happy home moment right there! Can you say decorating budget!?!?!
To enter, simply visit the contest on the Homes.com Facebook page
Here's to lots of happy moments in YOUR home this year!

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