Entryway Table Decor

Just like I promise, I'm back with some entryway decor I wanted to show you, that we added to our little $12 table redo. Most of it was just gathered from other areas of the house, or past projects we worked on, but a few things are new too.
Entryway Table Decor - thehouseofsmiths.com

First up, a couple of questions answered:
For those of you who have asked, our silvery-gold sunburst mirror was one that we picked up from a Joss & Main sale a few months back. If I remember right it ran us about $140 or so I think. I'd seen mirrors like these a lot pricier, so I was thrilled when I spotted this price tag, but then realized when it came in the mail that the reason it was a bit less, was because it's not metal, it's actually made out of a lighter, plasticy type material that's just painted to look like it has a metallic finish. To be honest it hasn't bothered me one bit, and I sort of liked that it didn't weigh a million pounds when we went to hang it up.

The next question that we keep getting is about our outlet covers. Man, if I had a choice we just wouldn't have outlets in the middle of walls at all, but if we must, we must. It seems like a frivolous thing, but really, changing out your outlet covers to new, brighter, more stylized ones will really kick your space up a notch for a small price. (ignore the bright blue theme park stamp on Cason's hand. ha!)

We first stumbled upon these classy, Allen and Roth wood wall plates when we were redoing our kitchen and adding the wood planked wall in. Once our cabinets and wall were painted bright white, we realized how yellow our original outlet covers had become, so we needed new ones. Cason found these and we've been slowly replacing our old fixtures with them ever since.

The stack of old, colorful books were bought at a flea market this past year for a few dollars each and the large "S" was found at HomeGoods and then spray painted white.
The spiked glass orb was $5 from Zgallerie and that fabulously happy little hello sign was something I picked up from our handmade market at the SNAP! conference in the Salty Bison booth. LOVE those girls!
Entryway Table Vignette - thehouseofsmiths.com

I found this great little feather art print with frame while at the last Oh Sweet Sadie event for $4, and the other print I ordered off of Zulily for $6.00 and just put it in an Ikea frame that we already had. 
Ironically enough, it mocks me, because traveling at ALL is quite scary for me. I'm not a fan of planes, small spaces or places I'm not familiar with. I'd like to try and just get over that though, because I'm well aware that Cason would love to travel the world one day. Even though a silly, little printable in my house isn't much, I consider it's gentle reminder a baby step in the right direction.
Oh! and the over-sized mason jars were from my Spring shelf decorating display.
Entryway Table Makeover and Everyday Decor - thehouseofsmiths.com

Here's a shot of the space further back, so you can see the whole thing better (sorry, it's a tough, weird angle to shoot). I'm loving the way all the colorful pictures from our Instagram photo wall sort of pop even a little more now, because of this tables new bright, cheery shade. I'm still really liking the contrast of the painted black interior door in this area, and of course that big ol' knock-off chandelier orb light up there.
Decorated Entryway - thehouseofsmiths.com

Overall I feel like this new color change on the table helps to anchor the space a bit more and cozy it up; just what we were going for... but that being said, now that I know how easy it is to switch up colors on this bad boy, I wonder how long he'll actually stay this way (?) lol.
Entryway Decor - thehouseofsmiths.com


  1. LOVE the colour of the table!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. I love what you have done with this little corner. It is just the right amount of color and that last pic with the photo wall shows how it balances the whole space and makes it more symmetrical color-wise. Great job!

  3. It looks great!! I love all the decorations on the table. It really ties the whole space together. Great job!!

  4. Very pretty color and love the new hardware on the console :)

  5. Love the new color of the table! It looks fantastic! And, I love what you said about traveling. I feel the same way, so it starts with baby steps in the right direction :)

  6. I LOOOOVE your outlet covers! Is the only place you have found them at Lowes? They don't have all the configurations that I need so I am wondering if you have found them anywhere else! THANKS!!

  7. Love it! The thought and detail put into creating a perfect little vignette in your entry way is awesome! :)

  8. Super duper cute, Shelley! I can't decide what I like the best...but I know the S is one of my faves. And the feather print, too!!

  9. Love the colour choice for the table and the framed quote!

  10. Very nice! Where did you get the table from? I'm looking for a narrow hall table just like that.

  11. Thank you for showing my little feather watercolor from Oh Sweet Sadie! I love the way it looks with all of your cute things. Love your blog :)

  12. Thank you for showing my little feather watercolor from Oh Sweet Sadie! It looks so good with all of your cute things. Love your blog :)

  13. Ha! Is he using a butter knife?

  14. Shelley, I just love everything you do. Your house is so beautiful and always looks so put together. I also love that Cason loves to do all of this with you. I so try to make my house look like it all belongs together and in the end I feel like it's just a mish mosh. ugghhhh....oh well, I just continue to live vicariously through your blog posts.


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