Master Bedroom Update: The Lion the Witch and the TV Cabinet

Okay, there's no lion or witch, just a TV cabinet... that sort of looks like a wardrobe. Just go with it.

Ladies and Gents, our master bedroom has been a hot mess for quite some time. 6+ years to be exact... but REALLY a half-finished mess for about 7 months now. Even though I'm happy with the white paint, I'm ready for some major decorating and finishing touches in here. The problem has been that a LOT of the custom stuff we want to do in this space costs money, and we've had to save up for it. I'm sure you know how that goes. So slowly, but surely, we've been checking some things off of our list, and one of the first was our new TV cabinet unit that Copper Canyon Design built us.

Originally we had our TV sitting on a small table, and then mounted here on this iiiiiity-biiiity patch of wall, but we hated how much of an eyesore it was, so we wanted to find a better way to store it. After we pulled off the molding around the doors, patched the wall from the TV mount and painted everything white, I got thinking about how great a floor to ceiling cabinet would be in the space.
master bedroom tv storage problems

I called up Jeff at Copper Canyon, who helped us redo our kitchen cabinets, and asked him if he would come out so we could chat about some of the ideas that I had for this space. I wanted a really nice, quality piece, since it would be a permanent fixture in our home. We figured by the time we bought the lumbar, hardware, spent the time figuring out how to build it, had someone professionally paint it with a sprayer so it looked flawless... well, it was just better to have Jeff do it for us.
Once he measured the wall, and I gave him my specifics of what I wanted our custom unit to look like, he came up with this drawing for me.
Master Bedroom TV storage cabinet design - thehouseofsmiths.com
Whoohoo! I was so excited!
I explained that I wanted legs for the bottom of the cabinet, so that air could pass through freely because of our vent underneath and also because I wanted it to resembled a nice piece of furniture, instead of a bookcase. I also wanted pocket doors on our unit, so that we could push the doors out of the way when they were open, to maximize space when someone was watching a show. The room is REALLY small, so we need as much moving-around area as possible, and if the cabinet doors were to remain open while the TV was in use, there wouldn't be much room to walk between the doors and the end of the bed, especially if we were to get a bed with a foot-board like we had been wanting.
(don't be jealous of our master bedroom size and layout)
>>>insert sarcastic voice here<<<
You can't see it from this drawing above, but I made some modifications to the actual style of the cabinet, so it would go better with the rest of our bedrooms decor. Keep reading, you'll see...
TV cabinet for Master Bedroom - thehouseofsmiths.com

Oh! and I'll tell you what, the hardware for pocket doors is no joke! It's expensive yo! I'm glad we didn't have to mess around with figuring out how to install it properly. lol.
TV storage in master bedroom install - thehouseofsmiths.com

Now that it's all put together, you can see that we decided to do our cabinet high-gloss white, with craftsman style doors and drawers. I wanted something really simple and somewhat modern, to match the feel of our revamped nightstands that we did a few months back.
Entertainment Center - TV Storage in Master Bedroom - thehouseofsmiths.com

Adding the curvy, chunky crown molding on the top, to finish things off and give this unit the "built-in look" we were going for, softened up the cabinet and really rounded out the whole look perfectly!!!
Master Bedroom TV Cabinet - thehouseofsmiths.com

I'm SO happy with it!

TV Cabinet for TV Storage in Master Bedroom - thehouseofsmiths.com

The drawers are nice and deep, so we've actually stored extra bed linens in one of them, due to the fact that we have a major lack of storage in this house; and then in the other we have videos, random cords, headphones and other electrical TV type thing-a-ma-bobs.
(I don't ask, I'm just happy that they have a place now)
TV Cabinet in Master Bedroom - thehouseofsmiths.com

I'm still on the lookout for the perfect baskets of some sort for the large open portion of the cabinet. Right now we just have our receivers there, but eventually they'll be moved and hidden. We've also been back and forth on the hardware for this unit, and ultimately decided that a clear, low profile, simple pull would be awesome for both the drawers and doors. Sounds good right?... IMPOSSIBLE to find though!

I DID stumble across a few options that were just ooookay, but definitely not the exact thing we wanted for this project (yes, we are super picky like that, remember? That's why it takes us SO long to finish stuff. lol).
Clear glass pulls - hardware for cabinets
A & B - Looked a lot like bathroom hardware, too modern and too pricey for something that we didn't LOVE.
C - Although pretty... they're just too girly. Cason wasn't feeling this type of handle, and neither was I. Plus, the less expensive one is plastic, and it looked cheap/yellow-ish on the shiny, new cabinets finish.
D - LOVED this one, but it only came in a 3 or 4 inch size, and we needed at least 6 inch pulls to balance out how tall our new cabinet was. 

So naturally, I got frustrated and ended up wandering into the "I-know-I'll-be-able-to-find-what-I-need-here-because-they-have-the-coolest-hardware-ever" store... AKA: Restoration Hardware.
restoration hardware clear glass hardware pulls

When I saw them, I knew I had to have them, no questions asked. So alas... I splurged and bought 4 of these delectable, glass beauties. Two 8 inch pulls for the top cabinets and two 6 inch pulls for the bottom drawers, all in a brushed nickle finish. I'm so glad to have that small detail out of the way, and hopefully they should be here in the next week or two so we can install them.

We've got a few more exciting things to share, as far as our master bedroom is concerned, so stay tuned!


  1. WOW I love this cabinet. What a smart solution and I love that you went all the way to the edge of the doors next to it. And all the way to the top. I was in favor of option d too but I agree that it needs to be longer. Good choice on the acrylic style for this cabinet. It's going to look amazing!!

  2. WOW, it looks fantastic!! I recently found your blog & love it!

    I really love that hardware you chose too! I hope you'll post a pic of the finished product(I"m sure you will lol) I also love your writing style!!:)

    A new fan,


  3. Love your new TV cabinet! It looks great on the small wall, and the tv isn't quite so in your face. Great job!

  4. This looks SO fantastic. I literally am drooling over my keyboard. I can't wait to see how the rest of the makeover turns out! :)

    Kylie @ Absolutely Arkansas

  5. LOVE it!!! I love reading your blog and can't wait to see what you do next!! We are building this year (hope to be in in Nov.. fingers crossed) so I'm always intrigued by what others do to make their houses home!!!

  6. That is to funny because as I was looking at your handle pics I was thinking of those pulls at Restoration Hardware (AKA: the Mother Ship). Yeah, I am a complete Science Fiction Geek! HA! Anyhow, I cannot believe that you went with exactly what I was thinking. Yet another example of Great Minds Think Alike? Oh yeah.

  7. It turned out beautiful!! I love the legs on it! Can't wait to see the handles on it :)

  8. You give me hope for my incredibly small bedroom! I love this piece!

  9. Love your tv cabinet!! We are currently searching for a bureau for our bedroom. So hard to decide on one, and for the right price! My husband and I are just as picky, but we are starting to decided to just settle for one because our sock drawers are overflowing!
    Also, super classy drawer pulls. Great choice!

  10. So smart to get a custom made cabinet! Sometimes, it's really the only solution when you need something super specific! I like my TV in my room (mostly for sick days) but I don't want to see it. The new cabinet is perfection!! Love the hardware too. I especially like the crown moulding touch.

  11. Love Restoration Hardware , wish we had it here in Australia !

  12. Your renovations are so inspiring!! I love reading your blog! Your house is beautiful

  13. Looks fabulous! Out of curiosity (with no hint of criticism because it really is beautiful!) how come you didn't add another shelf above the tv? There is so much extra space...is it because of the pocket doors?

  14. Beautiful! Jeff and the Copper Canyon folks just did some beautiful commercial work for us recently. Love the hardware too!

  15. Wow! That's an incredible cabinet - congratulations on the great design AND the successful installation!

  16. I had to comment....I love the all white. So crisp.

    But, my original intention of leaving a comment was to tell you I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! Please, see my post for details: http://angeebees.blogspot.com/2013/09/a-liebster-award-is-what-exactly.html

  17. LOL! I love how you put it all! Like the lion and the witch and the TV Cabinet... Two thumbs up! Don't have much to say since I shared the same thoughts and point on some of these comments though I have to say one thing always pay attentions with the wire management that you have so that it won't case burn on any of the cabinet materials or worst a "fire"... It would be better if you can set an assurance for yourself you know... Just saying... Thanks for sharing...

  18. LOL! I love how you put it all! Like the lion and the witch and the TV Cabinet... Two thumbs up! Don't have much to say since I shared the same thoughts and point on some of these comments though I have to say one thing always pay attentions with the wire management that you have so that it won't case burn on any of the cabinet materials or worst a "fire"... It would be better if you can set an assurance for yourself you know... Just saying... Thanks for sharing...


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