So you'll never be on time for the school Halloween parade... It's cool!

Let me just go ahead and break down this Halloween for ya real quick...

Halloween 2007

We didn't carve pumpkins this year. We actually didn't even BUY pumpkins this year. My kids pointed that out on the way home from school yesterday, but didn't really seem genuinely upset about it.
...Halloween fumble.
Halloween 2008

This year we let our girls pick out whatever costumes they wanted, and didn't sway them one bit. The twins wanted to be something scary, so we went shopping and they decided on vampires. But then they got upset when they saw blood and freaky makeup... so they chose to be "pretty vampires" instead. ha!
Aubrielle chose to be a princess, of course.
Happy kids with costumes.
... Halloween win.
Halloween 2009

Halloween 2010

This morning I woke up at 6am, after 4 hours of sleep, so I would have plenty of time to get me (showered & ready for the day) and 3 girls all dolled up, in full-on costumes for school parades that started at 8:45 and 9:15am.
We left the house this morning at 9:05.
...Halloween fumble.
Halloween 2011

Our twins go to one school, and our youngest to another. We weren't quite sure how we were going to make both of these parades (if at all), because the times were just so close together.
In the calmest fashion possible, we sped to the first school, gently tossed our kids into the already moving parade line once we arrived, ran quickly up ahead to wave at them, snapped some pictures, gave them kisses, words of encouragement, and dashed off to our next school.
Halloween 2012

The same operation went down with our younger one.
Act calm, toss into parade line, run like the wind, look like you've been there for hours waiting, wave, snap pictures, kiss-kiss, and tell them they are wonderful.

Cason and I actually high fived on the way out to the car. Our neighbor saw, laughed at us and shook her head.
...(for us) Halloween win.
Halloween 2013

Things I've learned about Halloween:
1. Only the IDEA of carving pumpkins for my kids is fun.
There's something about it that grosses them out, it's been like this since they were little. (see photo examples below, as they watched pumpkin carving from afar)
Phrases such as, "Ew, I think I'm gonna be sick." or "Oh no Mommy fix it, it's head came off!" are usually part of our pumpkin carving script. This means that we "ALL" start the pumpkin carving festivities, but then Mom and Dad end up actually gutting, carving and finishing them up. Oh... and cleaning the sticky mess at the end as well. Maybe we need to start a PAINTING pumpkin tradition instead (?)

2. Girls + Halloween Prep = FUN, but Major Time Suck
Getting everyone ready, especially three girls, takes 10 times longer than you think it will. You can never wake up early enough and there are ALWAYS going to be tears.

3. So you'll never be on time for the Halloween Parade... (shrug) - it's cool.
When you get there you get there. But if you freak out about it, your kids will too. Stay calm, cool and collected. Don't let them see you stress. Cason taught me this one :)

Here's hoping that your day is running as smoothly as ours so far, and that tonight is just as chaotic, memorable and awesome ;-p


  1. Only so much a mama can do on such a busy day! We had 3 parades today at 2 different schools, not to mention the class parties, etc. I'd rather be like you and chill about it than become the freaked out mom. It's a holiday, it should be fun, not a fun sucker! I would have high 5'ved you too! Good job!

  2. I'm picturing you and Cason doing a high five. I see you doing an up high, and him doing a down low ;-)

    I'm mostly impressed you were able to put your hands on the pictures for every. single. year!!

  3. Oh my gosh, the faces of the girls when pumpkin carving made me laugh so hard today that I had tears rolling down my check. I gues because I know them so well and can just picture the horror on their face. I had forgotten how funny they were back then. Mom

  4. i like your style mama:) rock on...
    and what a great thought! i bet your girls thought you arrived at 'just' the right time :)

  5. We didn't carve pumpkins this year, but we did "decorate" them. I found these totally cheap pumpkin decorations at Kmart and it was the most fun we have ever had doing it. For a 2 and just turned 5 year old--I would call that a win. No mess either! I Instagrammed them last night http://instagram.com/p/gHQyC-B5VF/

  6. I adore your attitude!! I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween tonight!!

  7. I love (and need) this today! From here on out I'm hiding my stress from my kids...keepin' my cool :)

  8. Shelley, your girls are literally the cutest things in the world. I love seeing them change each year! You're such a great mom :)

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween to you and your family!

  9. OMG! As I am YELLING at my 4 year old to give me a break, thank goodness someone else I can relate to. No pumpkin carving this year, very little decorating and my 4 year old cried during the entire parade. We are in CA, so we shall see how tonight goes.

  10. We never carve our pumpkins for the same reasons you mentioned. We get a whole pack of sharpie markers and let them go to town. Then they name the pumpkin and I write the name decoratively up the side. Take pictures and set them on the porch. No fuss!

  11. So cute.. and I love how they evolve over the years into different types of costumes. And as for being late.. well.. shhh.. I promise not to tell!

  12. Oh, I feel ya. I have 3 girls too. As my friend showed up with her pot of chili, her 2 girls dressed in costumes, hair and makeup done, I was the only one ready, homework was just being finished up and no hair or makeup done. Grrrr-thank goodness she was able to do their makeup while I did hair. Doing 4 heads of hair every holiday always stresses me out. Your girls always look beautiful, so you do an awesome job. :)

  13. I might be ... just a few years older than your kids ... ok a lot older, but I get it on being grossed out by getting the "guts" out of the pupmkin. I let my husband do that part ALL on his own! I'm more of a pumpkin painter, but he just loves the carving. :)

  14. At least you went to the parade...I didn't and my kindergartner didn't even seem to think I was supposed to be there :) I guess I'll get away with it while I can...hahaha

  15. A Halloween MORNING parade? Ugh. That would never work out for us...we are not that good. If all three boys have brushed their teeth AND their hair AND found socks on their own, I am delighted and we sing a song on the way to school while birds sit on my shoulder and nod in rhythm and tiny mice bring me ribbons for my hair.


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