Where all 'da Cute Boys Clothes at!? + Shopping Advice from Small Fry

Okay, so we need to have a chat about something.
Well... little boys to be exact.

First off, NO. I'm not pregnant, nor am I thinking about it (even a little). I'm barely surviving with the three I've got, thankyouverymuch.
Note to self: Don't post a picture of a cute, comfy chair on your Facebook page and reference that it would look great in a nursery. No one will care about the dumb chair, only the fact that you basically said in "totally vague Facebook update land" that you are maybe, sorta, kinda, could possibly be expecting... GAH! My bad.

That being said, I've been invited to about 4 different baby showers in the past 2 months. Whoohoo! I love me a good baby shower, and also the fact that there are going to be so many new, happy Mom's and Dad's soon! Oddly enough though, 3 out of the 4 have been for Mom's expecting girls. Yessssss, I've totally got this.
It wasn't until the 4th baby gift, now for a cute Mommy and friend expecting TWIN boys, that I shockingly realized how much LESS of a selection there honestly is out there for really adorable, cute, classy, BOYS clothing and accessories.
At one point, while in the middle of my 3rd store in the boys clothing department, with a whiney, hungry 6 year old, I literally blurted out loud...

I kid you not.
My cranky little Aubrielle even stopped whining for a few seconds, looked at me in disgust and said, "Mom, that's not how it goes."
I can admit when I feel defeated, and this was definitely one of those times. I ended up choosing a gift the best I could, sticking with one or two things from my friends registry, and then reluctantly choosing the best options for cute outfits that I could find; knowing that she was in need of clothes for her new babies.

Fast forward a few weeks, and guess who, by total twist of fate, gives me a holler? 

If you're not familiar with the Small Fry gals, and you're a Mom of boys... or heck, just a Mom, period, then I hate to say it, but you're missing out.
These ladies are the tops. I know them through blogging, sure, but I've also had the chance to attend their local events and mingle with them one on one, and they have AWESOME style sense, design eyes and lots of kid-friendly projects and ideas that I know a ton of you will love.
Once I voiced my frustrations to these girls about the lack of knowledge I have when it comes to boys, and especially great places to shop for them, they were totally on board for sharing a few helpful tips and outfit ideas, that I knew you AND I would both appreciate and benefit from.

Since I get gobs of emails about toddler and kid fashions, I thought I'd have this expert panel of 3 Mom's with 6 boys go in that direction this time around :)
I'd also LOVE to hear your take on how you feel boy departments pan out, and where your favorite places are to shop!(?)
Am I crazy? Was it just a bad day for finding something cute? Or do you Mom's of boys feel like they're missing about half of the selection in clothes that SHOULD be in the baby, toddler and kid boy section in most stores?

Hi, we're Nicole, Emily and Jenna, and between the three of us, we're the Moms to six boys.
I think it's fair to say that we've gotten really good at finding cute, sturdy outfits that are high quality enough to be passed down to the little brothers. Even better still, is when we can find clothing that even if they acquire a few holes, rips, or a mystery stain or two... tossing them out isn't a huge deal either. Here are three looks under $30 we thought all you Mom's of younger boys would be happy to know about, along with a handful of great places we love to shop for our little guys on a regular basis.

Boys just wanna have fun too. Here's an easy look they can do just about anything in. 

When we send our boys to school we love to make sure they're nice and layered, so they're not too hot in the classroom, but plenty warm for recess. 
VEST - for 25% off purchase use code FALLSTYLE // SHIRT // JEANS
*use shoes from other looks

Whether you're off to church or a wedding, a nice dinner at Grandma's, or family pictures, here's a more tailored-looking, handsome outfit for your little guy that won't break the bank.
SHIRT - for 25% off purchase use code FRNDFAM // PANTS // BOW TIE // SHOES

Stay updated on coupons for each of these stores listed, by signing up to receive their emails frequently. It DEFINITELY pays off. For example, if you enter code "MERRY" at checkout during your online Old Navy purchases in the next couple of days, you can get 35% off! There are coupons like these weekly with most of these retail stores, and lots of times shipping is free too.
Shop smart!


  1. The company "Next" also has a unique selection of boy items but I have to admit, the girl items are even better. My kids have several items from them and we get compliments all of the time. Tea also has some great boy things too. I agree with you, H&M, Gap, and Target are great. Marshall's has a lot of affordable cute Polo too.

  2. Hi Shelley,
    These are great suggestions for little boys, and youth clothing. Thanks I'm gonna sign up for the savings info & coupons.

  3. As a mom of four boys I thank you for sharing this blog with us! Also when my oldest was born (9 yrs ago) the clothing selection for boys was awful it's definitely gotten better.

  4. Thank you so much for this post!! I just had my third little boy so I'm am thrilled to have some new ideas for places to shop! I am a huge fan of Crazy 8. Their clothes are fantastic quality and they usually have great sales/clearance section.

  5. I have a 4 year old boy and I agree girls are so much easy to dress well.
    The only places I have luck finding great boy clothes are Gap, Gymboree,
    Ralph Lauren Polo outlet, and Janie and Jack. I also find great outfits while in Charleston SC- but that's a spurge!

  6. I can attest to the lack of boys clothes. I have three kids.. 25, 15 and 6. Not planned that way.. just how it happened. The last one.. a little boy. I did the same thing you did as I was stocking is wardrobe in those beginning months. Carter's has to be my favorite place for him. Gymboree isn't too bad either. I catch those on a good sale. What am I going to do when he outgrows the Carter's store (he is pretty little for his age)?? I don't know. I don't like the grungy, skater boy look. I don't like all the wild silk-screened t shirts, especially when it comes to a school wardrobe. The pickin's are slim for boys, that is for sure.

  7. THANK YOU! And thank you for introducing me to Small Fry (ah-mazing). I felt like I was the only one whining in the boys section. I mean, yes they are boys and they could care less about what they wear, but it's the mommas who dress them so we care TONS. Duh! Sooo glad you posted this, I feel like my cry for decent boy's fashion has been heard! Time to go shopping!

  8. Even though there is little selection for boys, I find the clothes for girls to be even worse. I have a 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl and I think it's harder to find decent looking things for my daughter. She is only 8 and does not need to look like a streetwalker!!! What's worse than clothes are shoes. Try finding a decent pair of shoes for church! I have even discussed this with the saleslady at Nordstrom after finding one pair of ballet flats that was not too horrible. She doesn't need to wear ANY type of heel at this age. Who is designing these shoes and clothes? I want her to look like a little girl, not a small adult.

  9. I recently discovered the store Crazy 8 - very cute boy clothes!

  10. Ugh! You are SO right about it being hard to find cute boy clothes. It seems that so many manufacturers want to plaster characters and sports stuff all over boy clothing. Drives me nuts. I have two teenage boys, 5 yr old twin girls and a baby boy on the way at the beginning of January. Shopping for my girls is such a joy and I love it, the boys, not so much. I've shopped at some of the places listed above and totally agree with the choices. H&M and Zara are a couple of my faves. Recently, I stumbled upon a surprising selection of super cute boy stuff at JcPenney of all places! They have a line called Joe Fresh that I'm slightly obsessed with and anther one by Ted Baker. I would for sure recommend checking them out for your friend or the next time you have a boy to shop for.

  11. I have 2 nephews who I feel should constantly look fly :) and I will shout to anyone who will listen to me about how small boys sections are in EVERY store. I could put an outfit together in 2.5 seconds if I had 2 little neices, but the 3 racks of boys clothes with varied sizes that are never what I'm looking for SUCKS! I have neice envy every time I hit up the kids section.

  12. I only have one little boy, no girls - personally I was never much of a girly girl myself, so I think boys clothes are cuter - and simpler. Just getting him into shorts and a shirt is difficult enough, I can't imagine adding tights or anything like that! But there are a lot of places on the list I haven't shopped, so I'll have to try it! We find lots of cute boys clothes at Costco, and I also enjoy making some of my own (I'm not a great seamstress by any means, but I love the simple tutorials at Dana Made It) or using heat transfer vinyl to dress up plain shirts from Walmart. My sister in law sent us tons of her boys old clothes - I believe most of them were from Carters, and they held up through multiple boys and were still in good condition!

  13. Boys clothing options are very limited. Take a look at a store's floor space dedicated to boys vs girls. Or the number of pages in a catalog dedicated to girls clothing vs boys clothing. In my experience, boys get about half as much floor space/catalog pages. If you don't like the style of the clothing, you're pretty much out of luck. It is extremely frustrating and I've been complaining about it for years.

  14. I have a boy (he is almost 1!!) and I am 16 weeks pregnant of the second baby! another boy! and yes.. I agree... there are not many options out there for boys!! The few things you find have stripes or dinosaurs, trucks or have something to do with football or baseball... where did all the imagination go?? boys are much more than that!!

  15. I buy a lot at Gymboree. I always shop sales, use coupons, gymbucks, and buy ahead. I have 3 boys and most of the clothes have made it through all 3 of them! For nicer boys clothes I love Hanna Andersson and Mini Boden. Don't let the higher prices scare you. I shop the sales and buy most at consignment. I clothes last forever and I have plenty I have bought used and sold for the same price :-)

  16. Don't leave out Crazy 8! Great stuff for both genders.

  17. I am a mom to three...two boys and a girl. I don't think boys are too hard to shop for, but if you have a boy with a bit of a quirky, fashion style, it can be very difficult. My son is 8 and loves color, layering, hats, vests and all kinds of more "distinguished" outfits. Luckily, colored jeans are in, because those fit his style sense to a "T". We shop at Old Navy, Target (sometimes, but everything is always the same there), and JC Penney's. Nordstrom is having their 1/2 yearly sale right now and we scored some super cute big boys aviators, converse and a vest for Christmas. My youngest boy is pretty vanilla in comparison, so it is usually pretty easy to find something for him. The sad thing is that since my older boy is a little more adventurous in style, the younger refuses to wear his hand-me-downs. LOL!

  18. We like Mini Boden, though our budget does not! As a mother of two lil men, yes it is a bit of a challenge!

  19. thank you so much for having us!!!! we love love love you!

  20. Nordstrom Rack. And I'm extremely picky about my son's shoes. Too many brands make cheap versions of their little boy shoes, and you can't go cheap with the demographic that are going to be the most rough on shoes!! Converse, Sketchers, Stride Rite, and DCs are some of my go-to shoe brands.

  21. Now you just have to talk the boys into wearing these cute clothes! I've always found cute things, especially at The Gap. My problem is getting my three boys to wear anything other than basketball shorts and Under Armour t-shirts!

  22. I have two boys & no girls, and YES, the selection for boys is abysmal. On the other hand, my boys have very, VERY basic standards for their clothes - no plaid for one, & nothing itchy or stiff for either, so when I find clothes at a good price, I just pick up one of every color & I'm done!

  23. Cute clothes, but there is no way my 3 year old will wear any of those things....except maybe the snoopy shirt. :) Like @ClassicStyleHome above, my boy lives in shorts and t-shirts, and it's like WWIII trying to talk him into something else!? Even in the dead of winter. Ugh!?

  24. Hey there! I'm a mom to one boy who is almost 2. I agree with everyone who has said the actual amount of clothing in every store that is available for boys is much smaller than for the lil gals. I have shopped for my guy at nearly all of the recommendations from small fry and I have noticed that it seems while you may be able to go into one store and find a complete outfit for a girl it is often the opposite for boys. I find that if I pick up lots of separates in a variety of stores they all come together once home and in his closet. It really makes for a unique look by pairing them together myself rather than buying something straight off the mannequin. (Which is totally awesome too just a little tougher for the dudes I think! ) Some of the places that I tend to frequent and agree with Small Fry are : Gap Outlet (SO AWESOME!), Crazy 8, Osh Kosh, Carters, Old Navy, and Target! Also, I don't always find cute clothing here, but I ALWAYS buy kids Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars at Kohls! Best prices on that particular shoe! I also tend to get a lot of shoes from Stride Rite (especially the outlet and for the beginning walker age range!)

  25. Mom to four boys here & I couldn't be more thankful for my own hand-me-downs. I had to learn to relax about their clothes a long while ago. Its stressful to not find what you're looking for, & was really wearing me out. After I learned to relax a bit, I learned my boys really dont care a whole lot anyway. Even my local consignment stores are about a 90/10% split.

  26. Would rather dress my boy than my girl any day. Leggings everyday, really? I can't! =(
    My go-to's.
    Children's Place for pants (love the cut and colors!) and basic graphic T shirts.
    Gap for cute, edgy sweaters, moto jackets, slick cardi's.
    Osh'Kosh for the best button downs and classic sweaters.
    Lands' End for a fleece hoodie, parkas and suede sport moccasins.
    Ooh! And check out their Iron Knee pants if your kiddo scoots.

  27. So right about the boy selection. Love this...

  28. yeah there are so many great options out there for cute clothes for girls, but not many options for boys, but if you look hard enough you can find some great stuff.. its just harder!

  29. Hi Shelley,

    Have you tried FabKids?

    I signed up but haven't bought anything yet... Just curious if you had any experience with them that you could share.


  30. So right about the boy selection. Love this...


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