Merry & Bright - Cyber Monday Sale in our Shop!

I'm pretty much done (for the most part) with Christmas decorating, after busting my hump this weekend trying to get it all finished. The only bummer, is that it's now wintertime here in Utah, so this means that the sun goes down around 4pm. No joke. grrrrr.
Today after church I got working as fast as I could to finish up these DIY stacked boxes to add to my Christmas shelves, but only managed to snap this quick picture with my phone before I completely lost light.

Tomorrow is my day for Christmas decor pictures, so I'm sayin' a little prayer that there will be some sunshine for me :) For now though, I'm excited to announce our CYBER MONDAY SALE over at our shop,

We're giving anyone who purchases items this cyber Monday in our shop, 30% off + a FREE GIFT with every order (and it's gonna be something good, I promise) whoohoo!
Just enter code: CYBER2013 at checkout. *code is case sensitive

We've got a TON of fun decals stocked up and and listed, ready for gift giving; and thanks to some awesome Designs by Destiny this holiday, we now have even more new Christmas themed ideas for you to check out this year. Can you say polka dots!? :)

As you know, I've been working on deckin' out my own polka dot wall, and even came up with this fun woodsy, whimsical board to add to our shop!

Alright, enough blabbing, get comfy and get your online shoppin' on! Start AND finish your Christmas gift list... you can DO IT!


  1. Polka Dots are my signature color!

  2. I laughed when I read that the sun sets at 4. I live in northern Sweden, the sun rises at 10 and sets at 2... (And it never really rises above the horizon, it's beautiful but depressing.) You should feel lucky! :)
    And I have a tip: those few hours the sun actually shines - go outside (even five seconds count) and enjoy the sunshine! And drink lots of orange juice or whatever, to get as much vitamin c and d as possible, then you won't feel depressed so easily. And always remember to try to feel happy about the sun you do get, instead of looking att sun and thinking "why can't you shine more".
    Something completely different: I love the font on the sign in the last photo, do you know what it's called? I've also been looking for a classic writing looking font, like the one in the sign but more like an old handwritten letter, not so modern looking... Any ideas?


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