Shhhh-utting it Down this Year - Stopping the Fat Talk

Disclaimer: Thanks to Special K for sponsoring this post to help #FightFatTalk!

Have you ever heard that quote by Theodore Roosevelt that states; "Comparison is the Thief of Joy" (?). Well, I've always agreed with that and oddly enough, through mothering, blogging and most shockingly weight loss... I haven't ever really had a huge comparison problem, when it comes to others. Really. Yes, this is great, because I know a LOT of women suffer from comparing themselves to someone, or an ideal of what they THINK society wants them to look, be or act like - but I actually battle with something quite differently, that tends to debilitate me just the same, if not worse than most. Comparing myself, to myself. And not just my "you're pretty awesome and alright" self... but the "you rule your own little world, have everything perfectly together, and never have to worry about losing weight again" self.
NEWSFLASH: This "self" does NOT exist. I'm aware. But sometimes no matter how much I tell my "just perfectly fine" self this... she doesn't get it.
Am I making any sense here? lol.

In a nutshell, and as cliche as this sounds, I'm DEFINITELY my own worst critic; sometimes even to the point where I find that I'm literally beating myself up.

Watch this 2 minute video and tell me it doesn't hit home for some of you like it did for me...

I must be ultra-sensitive, but this Fight the Fat Talk video from Special K, actually brought me to tears when I first saw it. Truthfully, more out of embarrassment and shame than anything else. The entire time I was watching it I nodded along in agreement, and even caught a few glimpses of phrases and sentences that I KNOW I've said, maybe not in conversations directly, but definitely out loud or even just inside my own head.

Why do we do this? Do we feel like pointing out obvious flaws or negative things about ourselves and bodies will make us and other people feel like we're more likeable and/or relateable???  Do we do it because we're that self conscious and insecure? Is "fat talking" with our sisters, Mom's and friends, something we would EVER want our own kids, and especially little girls to see, hear, do or worse... feel the effects of!?

(((insert shame and sadness here)))

The thing I love the MOST about my little girls and their closest friends, are that they ARE all so different! From their personalities and adorable quirks, to their hair and skin color, body shapes and size! Each of my daughters' friends offer them something really incredible and special... and I'm SO thankful for that! What a blessing!

Isn't that what great friendships are all about? Finding the awesome that you might lack in yourself, in someone else, and learning through that wonderful friend, how to cultivate more of that missing awesome into YOUR OWN daily life!?
Well, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna say that YES, this is how REAL, GENUINE friendships should be. Nowhere in that equation does it say anything about "friends" letting "friends" talk badly about themselves to each other...

So, in my new pursuit to be even more positive about my ever-changing body this year, whether that be during the good moments or the bad (because we KNOW there's going to be both)... like I promised before, I'm choosing to shut down the Fat Talk, and I'd hope that YOU can take the pledge with me too.

I know that positive body talk and confidence about who you are and what you look like starts at home, and with your closest family members, so I've pulled my sister and Mom on board as a support team this year, to help me stay positive when talking about myself and my body's struggles - and I'll be doing the same for them!
I'm hoping that this will help a ton, and in the long run, get ALL of us looking at ourselves in a better, more positive light - making it that much easier to reach whatever personal goals that we've set for ourselves this upcoming year.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Special K for sponsoring this post to help #FightFatTalk!
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  1. Where did you get that super cute coat? Totally off topic?

  2. THANKS! Definately needed to hear/see this! Happy New Year (of no fat talk!)!

  3. Hey I saw you at Temple Square last night walking around with your family (I actually recognized your twins before seeing you) You look fabulous!
    I have shut down the fat talk myself noticing how horrible I feel when I do, I really need to get my mom on board as she is super guilty of this!!

  4. What a great post today. I would never let anyone talk about my best friend like I self talk to myself. It is a good reminder to love and accept ourselves just the way God mad us. Happy Ney Year.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. Very enlightening! I do, however, wish that they had given some examples of "positive" talk. I've thought "what would I tell myself that is positive?" Next thought…"I'm LYING to myself." LOL! No, really, do you have any thoughts on this?

  6. Thank you so much for this post - it seriously just spoke to me. Why are we all so hard on ourselves? I know I am SO guilty. There's always room for improvement - thanks for the reminder! Love your guts!

  7. I am on board! I, like millions out there, want to become more healthy and smaller this year. Being positive to others as well as myself is a great start! LETS DO THIS!!! Thanks for the start.

  8. Thanks for posting this video. Only positive words from now on about myself.

  9. Wow! So well said. I'm totally guilty of talking trash on my self. It's horrible really and I'm pledging along with you! No more fat talk! No more negative talk at all for that matter. It's so hard to differentiate constructive criticism and just down right negative/unnecessary talk when you are saying it to/about yourself. Thanks for this Shelly :) You're amazing!

  10. Really loved your post! It hit home.

  11. I need to shut down the fat talk! I will make an effort myself since I am in the process of making changes to my eating habits in hopes to having my body back!

  12. So true, I try not to beat myself up too much but "it's a hard habit to break". The girls puts it all in perspective, we are all unique and different in out own way and that should be celebrated! Hope you are having a good weekend.

  13. Thank you SO much for this. Shutting it down and taking the pledge.


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