Pillow Palooza & "Are You fo' Realz?" Dealz!

This gig with GroopDeals and Ivory Bleu has been SO MUCH FUN! Yes, of course there's about a million and one new things to learn, from merchandising, styling and photography... all the way down to new computer systems and operations - but it's exciting to try something new, yet still be in the same style and design world that I love!

These past few days have been full of awesomeness, and since this new job is sort of like my baby right now, I have to show off a couple of my favorite items I've put up!
Some of these are still on sale if you go over to the GroopDealz main page, but others have expired or sold out already.
Ivory Bleu, GroopDealz, Harrison Mitchell

I'm especially excited, because Ivory Bleu is featuring a pillow palooza extravaganza today! Pillows sold in sets of three, with perfectly paired patters. There are 18 different styles, so don't forget to check it out!

PLUS, I'm finally featuring the adorable Updown Tote that I love so much! I ordered it months ago, and have been itching to get it up for sale ever since. It's large, durable, has a really sturdy bottom so it doesn't tip over when you set it down, a cute black and white striped interior and even an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap that it comes with.
Yeahhhh so... I'll probably be buying one in every color for myself. HA!

I'm putting together a few personal and home posts for the next couple of updates, but I just wanted you guys to know about these fun sales, because I'm adding fab stuff everyday. You can subscribe to the GroopDealz newsletters to get updates each day, or follow the Ivory Bleu Instagram page.

OH! and believe me, I'm working really hard on ordering PLUS SIZE clothing too! It's WAY more difficult than I thought, because lots of brands don't run true-to-size with curvy items, so I've got to do a bit more research on the best styles, fits and looks. Be patient with me though, I promise I'm listening to you ladies, and I want those sizes TOO!


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