Es Gettin' Crraze'!

So much is happening.

Sometimes I feel like there are moments in life where events and everyday happenings run you, instead of you running it.
meeting our new cousin for the first time!

It's not a bad thing.

Not a "you're not living in the moment" thing... just an "everythin' es so crraze'!" kinda thing. (oh, and you have to say that last statement in your best Nacho Libre impersonation. That's how me and Cason do it. LOL)

First... if you haven't seen on Instagram, in a wild, slightly unexpected turn of events, we have decided to sell our adorable house!

I know, right? :(

It's a long story, but let's just say 2 hour work commutes each day for poor Cason, along with a handful of other things, have finally pushed us over the "it's really time to move a bit closer to everything" edge.

There have been LOTS of tears (on my end). I'm so sad to leave this house that it physically hurts to walk through each adorable room, thinking about all of the hard work and sweat, memories and beautiful photo shoots that were done there. LOL (what normal person says that last part!? haha!)

I know that the next "House of Smiths" will be equally as awesome one day... but I'm still crying a little as I type this.

Our life right now feels like a complete whirlwind of a million different tasks, choices and deadlines that need to be done or made... none of which (besides the above) that we completely feel ready to share quite yet... but are DYING to soon!

I swear, sometimes when you think you've got everything figured out and you're conquering the big ol' sea of life... WAM! A wave will just knock you down flat on your butt.

I'm learning quickly that if the waters are too calm for too long, I can almost always expect a few big waves sooner or later that are bound to shake things up.


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