Our Master Bathroom Sliding Door & Basin Custom Hardware

Our master bathroom has come a loooong way. Remember when it looked like this?

I don't miss those days :)

Because we wanted more space, we decided to take the standard door off of it's frame and put a sliding door in it's place. We knew we only had minimum space to work with, and we wanted to do something more modern than just the typical sliding "barn" door, so I was stoked when Basin Custom asked if I wanted to work with them for the hardware portion of our project :)

Angie was so nice to even mock up this drawing for me of what my space would look like where my hardware was going. While our custom hardware was getting made...yup, I said custom (whoohoo!) we went with white powder coated pieces rather than standard dark, we got our door jam in shape for everything to be installed.

We removed the old door jam, and simply added some new boards to the door frame, to give it a more finished look.

I know you all are aware of how obsessed we are with getting as much natural light into every space of this house as possible, so we ordered a door from Home Depot that had 5 frosted glass panels in it. Perfect for letting light radiate through, but also enough to give anyone in the bathroom the privacy they need.

The door came primed, and we liked the white finish, so we just gave it a good coat of semi-gloss white.
After that we measured our hardware, drew some guideline marks with a pencil and then drilled the holes in the door where they needed to go.

To anchor the sliding door we installed wood pieces to the outside for support, and attached the hardware onto that.

After we made sure everything was level and straight, we got to hanging our beautiful, white hardware!

Install was pretty straight forward, so that was nice - plus having our 'Handy-Dad' around sure helps. ha!

Here's what the door looks like now, all finished up!
We LOVE it! Sleek, modern, a total space saver and it really makes a big style impact in the room as well.
I love adding little touches like this around the house - they're what make it special!

If you've been looking to install a sliding door anywhere in your house, and need modern, awesome, custom or painted hardware... which I promise you is IMPOSSIBLE to find anywhere else, then you've GOT to get it from Basin Custom. They're seriously amazing to work with you guys, and have the BEST customer service!
They're offering a 20% off coupon for anyone who wants to place an order, so just mention us when you get ready to check out.

For the most part our master is officially DONE, and I'll be posting about that later on this week so you guys can see how everything came together.

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone!



  1. Could you provide a link for the door?? I can't find one with the frosted glass on their website.

  2. Your bathroom door project looks wonderful! I've been searching for a door like that and have had the worst luck! Do you have a link or model number for that particular door?

  3. The door is a special order item at Home Depot. We just ordered 2 of them, a 32" and a 36". The SKU numbers are 0000-479-230 (32") and 0000-479-230 (36"). They were on sale, 15% off. The sale ends March 5, 2015. Now, I'm trying to find the right hardware.

  4. Did you use a door guide for the bottom of the door so it didn't swing back and forth? I can't tell from your pictures if have that or not.

  5. This is what we want to do for the bathroom door off the master bedroom. We have standard sized bathrooms in our house, and without adding onto the house (which we don't want to do), there's no way to enlarge them. And honestly, I don't have a problem with the rooms the size they are, as long as they're workable.

    Love this. Thanks for sharing.


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