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Today I wanted to surprise my adorable Bright Night girl, Amy Twitty of Pink Parlor Designs, with some SERIOUS LOVE.
She's got absolutely no idea that I'm calling her out, but our little team wanted to spread the word about this amazing mother and friend of ours.
We get questions often, regarding our Bright Night Event. What it's all about, who 'should' be there (everyone, duh!), and why we even started doing it. Today I thought I'd clear that up a bit, because the reason behind why we've decided to gather a bunch of women together for a good cause, is just as important as the fun classes, yummy food and dance party ;)

Amy and her hubby are adoptive parents to their beautiful little girl Olivia... and their story, written in the form of a letter to their daughter is so touching and amazing.

It's been a little over 5 years since they were blessed with Olivia, and have been desperately wanting to privately adopt again ever since.
Last November Amy got a call that they had finally been chosen by a birth mother, and a new baby girl would be joining their family in 2 weeks! She worked tirelessly getting tiny clothes washed, a crib set up, nursery decorated, the car seat installed, and then waited anxiously for this sweet baby that they had been praying so hard for all of these years. After news that the baby had been born, Amy, her husband Casey and Olivia packed their suitcases with blankets, little shoes, pink outfits, and made the drive to go meet their new baby.
Sadly, after arriving, they learned that the birth mother had changed her mind. Broken hearted, Amy and her family turned around and drove several hours home. She was beyond devastated. Within a few short days of this heartbreak, Amy told us (the Bright Night team) that she could feel herself slipping into the dark depression that she had been in years before, when 3 other adoptions had fallen through. She refused to let that darkness take over her life again, because she needed to be as strong as possible for Olivia now. That being said, she was still so sad and needed something to take her mind off of her heartache... 
and that's how Bright Night came to be.
We hovered over endless amounts of chips, salsa and so much diet coke it was embarrassing. We cried and cried and cried some more... laughed a little and then cried again - until we came up with this idea...
During last years Bright Night Event we were were able to gather the most amazing donations for our local women's shelter. Gifts for Women who have less, worry more, and quite possibly have had to endure moments in their lives that we'll never even be able to comprehend.
It's so crazy how serving others can almost instantly put into perspective how truly blessed and lucky you really are.
I can't imagine life without all three of my girls. They have brought me so much happiness that it's impossible to even talk about them without getting emotional. I know that each of them were 100% suppose to come to our family. They challenge me EVERY day, but also teach me how to be a better person.
Amy and her cute family have had a handful of setbacks in the adoption process this week especially, and in true Women helping Women fashion, we want to spread the word about her story any way we can.
Countless other women, just like Amy, know how emotionally and finically taxing infertility and adoption can be. It is a lengthy, tiring and incredibly expensive process, so any help - from a kind word, to even a single dollar to help them raise money for all of their adoption expenses, is truly appreciated.
You can donate to the Twitty family's Hope for Adoption fund here.

Amy is also the talented creator of these adorable Pink Parlor Design children's tents, and any purchases made through her Etsy shop go straight to her adoption fund :)

I just adore this sweet, selfless, kind, creative woman. She's such an amazing mother, hard worker, and has got a burning desire to love another child more than I can express and I couldn't let another day go by without sharing her story.


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