The Big Move & Our New Home!

Well, it's done! We've officially moved and, amazingly enough, lived through it to tell the story.

Moving has got to be the most exhausting, daunting task... maybe ever.
Right when you think you've got about everything done, you have 4 more carloads full of crap to deal with.

By the end of all of it, I was ready to just burn everything and start over again with whatever we would find out we needed along the way.

These past few months have been chuck full of lots of excitement; one of the biggest being my little brother getting married! He's the last sibling in our family to get hitched, and we are SO happy for him and his beautiful new wife!

School is out, and the twins have successfully completed 2nd grade, measuring in at a whopping 4 feet 9 inches tall.
whaaaaat the heck!? 
I'm so happy it's Summer time and they can wear shorts. I was DONE trying to find pants that actually fit them correctly, and that they didn't grow out of in a matter of weeks!

Aubrielle is officially DONE with half day school after 4 years of preschool and kindergarten. This might be one of the happiest days of BOTH of our lives. LOL.
I can't tell you how READY this chick is for first grade, and all day school. This is what happens when you have an October birthday and miss the next years school cutoff registration date by a few days each year.
Currently she is obsessed with "chapter books" and has demanded that we read at LEAST two pages a night so that she can become the best reader in her new class, once it starts. ha!

Oh! and of course if you couldn't tell, we also lost our FIRST front tooth :)

Closing on our new house and moving everything from one location to another while life was still moving at a rapid pace, was the straw that broke the crazy camels back... and also icing on the cake that we've been working towards these past few years.
It was one crazy fiesta. 

It seems like all good things around here tend to have some sort of chaos following closely behind them, so I knew that moving, especially right at the end of the school year, would be pretty hectic.
This being said, I tried to just embrace the process, not let myself get sucked into the 'out of control' feeling that was slowly creeping up on me every few weeks, and only celebrate the fact that I'd be moving into our dream home!

It's crazy to me how it takes actually looking back at pictures, to realize how far you've really come. 
It seriously seems like yesterday when we moved 16 month old twins and my 8 month pregnant belly into our cute little house. But just like we've matured and grown these past 7 years, so have some of our needs for space and function.

It was time for us to think about teenagers dwelling in our home, their friends, their stuff, more cars, more home decor (of course!), weddings, grandkids... WHEW! Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself, but you get the idea. We were ready to find our forever home. A space that met more of our future needs, and that was closer to our jobs and families, so that we could better prepare for what lies ahead. We knew that doing this sooner than later was a smarter choice for us... even though pulling kids away from friends and schools now is tough. 

We will miss our other home SO much, but we know that a house is just a house; what really makes it home, is the people who live in it... so, wherever WE are, there The House of Smiths will be too.

I can't think of a sappier way to end this post. So I better stop there. ha.
Till next time!


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