Them Boots Tho!

Yesterday I posted a quick picture of Aubrie in all of her fabulous, fashionista glory on our Instagram feed.

Freak, I love her so much.
She wants to be a "Pop Girl" for Halloween - not to be mistaken with a rock star... because they're not "cute and stylish Mom." LOL
I'll admit, I LOVE playing dress-up with this chick, but man, she's got a BIG opinion when it comes to what she wears, when she wears it, and most importantly, how she poses for me when modeling it.

She's told us for the past year or so that she actually wants to be a model when she gets bigger... but only because she wants to show everyone her clothes that she's made, because she's going to be a "fashion girl designer for all the kids" ha!
Oh gosh, I seriously can't get enough of her. 

Anyway, the point of this post was to help everyone who asked, source these adorable, wedged booties that both Aubrie and I are OBSESSED with!

We snagged these cuties from Zulily
They had a black and brown pair as well, which I wish I would have gotten at the time. As of right now I don't see them in an event, but they pop up all the time, along with lots of other great shoes, so keep your eye out. I buy lots of shoes from there for my girls! The brand is QQ Girls, incase you were wondering as well :)

I've also noticed they've stepped up their Mens and Boys options a LOT... where typically they've been really girl/women heavy on styles in the past.

Hopefully this helps. Happy boot shoppin'!


  1. She's so cute!! She's already got the model moves down. :)

  2. What a cutie. She looks a lot like my granddaughter. Love the boots.

  3. That girl should be a model now. She's the cutest thing I've ever seen. That way she can pay for her fancy pants fashion design education! :)

  4. Shelley!!!! She is absolutely beautiful! I mean- perfect in every way!!! So stinking cute! The booties are fabulous too but she's just a little cutie! And that hair! Can I please have her hair! Y'all all have the greatest hair!!! My little Emerson is almost 11 months old. Seeing your post with your girls makes me excited for the future!!!!

  5. Oh man... looks like you may have your hands full as she gets older! lol Super cute little model!

  6. Okay!!! what an adorable little girl!!! Indeed she is a natural! She's got the poses down for sure! I have to say though... ALL your girls are beautiful! And you and your darling husband too :)
    Enjoy all those little girl things :)

  7. OMG those are adorable and so is she! She looks like she could be a model for some kids clothes line lol so cute! I shop on zulily too they always have great deals. My daughter already has way too many shoes but I think I would need these if they ever come back up!

  8. She is adorable! I love her style :)


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