Mod Mantel Halloween Decor (from an iPhone) #winning

Yup, Halloween is long gone... and I'm just sharing my decor now.
That's how a bloggin' Mamma with a full-time job and a busy calling at church rolls, okay?

Something thats awesome about having decor on hand from past years for the holidays, is that you can whip up something really quick, no matter where it is.

Pretty much everything is recycled from past years, with a few things added here and there.
Decorating made easy, BOOM!

Oh, and all these new photos were taken with my iPhone, because I was too lazy to get my camera upstairs.


  1. I'm totally feelin' you Shelley, where did the month go?...and I'm feelin' that black and white Halloween decor too! looks great especially against your amazing new plank wall. I went a little black and white this year too, made some black and white velvet pumpkins and put them against my own plank wall. [hey, say what?].

    you know we don't care when you post, it's always a treat to see your work. thanks for the great pics :-)

  2. Working mommy here too. I feel your pain... :-)

  3. Looks...er..I mean it looked great! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see your Christmas inspiration!

  4. Looks great! I reuse decor every year and just add one or two little things or rearrange and it all looks different.

  5. Cuteness! I love black and white Halloween decorations. I seriously need a room dedicated to all my holiday decor!


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