MAC Lipstick & Liner Faves!

Guys, I'm obsessed with lipstick... we all know this by now, right?
So with the help of a few cute girls at my work, I wanted to share my top 5 MAC faves with all of you!

These are seriously PERFECT for so many different kinds of hair and skin types, as you can see below... so I don't want to hear any of this, "Oh, but I just could never pull that bold look off" nonsense. 

Why MAC?
I love this brand of lipstick and liners, because even though pricey, they are SUPER great quality. They have a huge color selection, are really concentrated (meaning you only need a little to go a long way, so they last forever!), and they've got lots of different finish options (matte, satin, gloss, etc).

Okay, so here are my faves ... for today ;)

1. Candy Yum-Yum w/ Shock Value liner
2. Ruby Woo w/ Cherry liner
3. Show Orchid w/ More to Love liner
4. Rebel w/ Fashion Boost liner
5. Impassioned w/ Dynamo liner

When I apply one of these BOLD, awesome lip colors, I always make sure I have a smooth lip to work with first. I recommend doing a lip scrub to get off all of that excess loose, dry skin.
One of my faves is from LUSH. It's an edible lip scrub, and it's called Mint Julips.

Just start with clean lips, apply a little of the scrub with your finger onto your bottom lip, and then rub your lips together. Once you've exfoliated enough, just lick your lips, and you're done!

To get the best, most saturated color for a bold lip, I always apply my chosen liner ALL over my lips first, and then add my lipstick of choice. This guarantees the longest, best wear for you color!

1. Impassioned 2. Show Orchid 3. Rebel

Have fun rockin' those fierce lips!


  1. Love all these colors! Thanks for sharing your picks with us!

  2. I worked for MAC more than 12 years ago and their lipsticks are absolutely amazing and I can't believe that at least 2 of colours you mentioned have been around for that long. They are timeless. Thanks for sharing your picks. I love Viva Glam I, it's my go to for holiday parties.

  3. Love the Rebel color on you! Super Hot!

  4. Where did you get those amazing gold sunglasses?

  5. These are all so great! I only have candy yum yum and I'll be heading to MAC asap to get the rest! Also, do you know what color the girl in the middle uses for her pink?? I'm obsessed.

  6. Love the lip colors and love how amazing you look! Would you consider doing an update on your weight loss and fitness routine? I would love some inspiration! Thank you!,

  7. RI just had to check this out because of your blog name. To my surprise I came across some good tips....looking forward to your next post.
    PS I'm a Smith too!

  8. I love all of those great colors. So fun for this time of year. I'm a new follower and I fell in love with your blog. It's full of great fun and inspiration. I'm a Utah blogger and just wanted to find some blogging friends in my home state. Glad that I found you! XX Jo

  9. Good picks from MAC! I am also a self-diagnosself-diagnosed lip product junkie and MAC are definitely some of my faves. I think Rebel looks different on everyone. On me it has almost no purple and is just this really deep berry tone that I LOVE. On you I feel like I almoat see Red in it. So pretty despite (or maybe because of) iT's chameleon qualities.

  10. The best part about MAC lipstick is I never have to pay for it! I am addicted to MAC splashproof mascara and their eye shadow. When you turn in 5 or 6 (I haven't done it in a while, so I can't remember) empty MAC containers you get a free lipstick! I've never had to pay for MAC lipstick, it's great!!


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