A White, Bright Office!

So we're plugging away on the basement, and my office is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house :)  It's bright, white and thanks to a little elbow grease from Em and Jocey... CLEAN!
I love these girls. They're always so willing to help out when I need it, especially with home stuff. I hope they alway stay that way.

We took the plunge and went with polished concrete floors in this space and the kitchen area of the basement. I'll have to gather all the info from the company who did the work, but the final look we ended up going with was a white, 3D glaze (2 coats) and then a final satin top coat to seal everything. 
It's definitely raw and modern looking... not everyone's favorite I understand, but for me, I'm LOVING IT! Think how EASY it will be to clean up messes in here! Sweeping and wiping things up will be a breeeeeze.
My old office desk would have worked out okay in this space, but I wanted something bigger and more like a workspace where I could have a computer, but also spread out papers and other things that I'm working on. Plus... I need more room for pretty decor, let's get real here. haha!

While shopping at DownEast the other weekend, Cason and I stumbled across this Parsons kitchen table for only $200 and I literally RAN to the front with the price tag in hand to pay for it. That's a STEAL of a deal people!

Eeep! So pretty!!!

Oh, and see that light dangling above it? That's just waiting for a beautiful chandelier! I have yet to find one that I HAVE to have... and can afford (ha!), so until then, it will keeeeep on danglin'.

My closet to the right was something that I custom designed to fit all of my storage boxes that I have. I want to put a pretty, unique doorknob on it to make it special too.

Maybe something like one of these (?)

We installed this amazing Bazz Glam light from Home Depot in the closet, and I LOVE it! The one pictured here looks a bit like it's oil rubbed bronze, but it's actually chrome, like mine. I just included the pic because it was really hard to take a good one of mine in my closet.

This beautiful light was less than $80 and very easy to install. It's gorgeous and makes the perfect girly, modern statement that I was looking for.

Another thing we did in this space was install a dimmer. 
I have a TON of lighting in here, which I'm super stoked for, but I don't want to be blown away by crazy brightness ALL the time - hence the dimmer. It was about $23 and will be worth every penny.

As far as decor goes, I've got these two fun chairs from Joss & Main coming that will sit somewhere in the space with fun pillows, and also an oversized 4x6ft sheepskin rug from Costco that I think will help soften up the space a bunch!

I'll definitely keep you updated as things progress!!!



  1. Your office is coming along beautifully! I can't wait to see it all done. :) Julie

  2. I love it!!!!! What a great space to work in.

  3. Well, no wonder we haven't heard from you in a while, you've been very busy. Love the white. You can add your own pops of color. Can't wait to see the finished product. Love the closet space, WOW. Your girls are so cute helping out, that's wonderful. :)

  4. wow! great choices! can't wait to see the next phase!!!

  5. The floor looks amazing!! Great work!

  6. LOVE the white washed concrete. So modern and clean looking - great for an office. Can't wait to see how you furnish it!


  7. That is going to be such a lovely space! Fun!! :)

  8. SO excited to see another of your projects! You have a great, fun style. I really like those door knobs - so pretty! And I do like your floor - looks really nice.

  9. So fun!!! It's going to be AWESOME!!!!

  10. Are you KIDDING?! That light is AMAZING. I need that in my life stat. Looks great!

  11. Where are those door knobs from? I really like one and think it would work great in my space.

  12. It's going to look fabulous! Love the chairs 💗

  13. Would you so kind as to share the brand and name of the white paint you usedin yournew office, please?
    You are looking beautiful as ever, by the way.

  14. Can't wait to see the finished project, I'm sure it will be gorgeous as always!

  15. I keep hoping you'll post the name of the company that did your floors! We are finishing our basement right now and I'd love to use them. Do you still love the floor?


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