Princess Crusin' with My Main Man

As a lot of you know from our Instagram posts last week, that we had the crazy-fun privilege of heading out on a last minute vacay with Princess Cruises to the Eastern Caribbean. A LOT of you have wanted details about our trip, from what the boat really looks like and how comfortable the rooms were, to the kinds of excursions we decided to take part in once we docked at each port. 

I totally get it! Trips can be stressful to plan and expensive, so you want to make sure that you're taking the RIGHT one and spending your money on something awesome. Well, hopefully sharing our experience will help you with that!
I may have gotten a bit too picture crazy, so I'll break the trip down into a handful of posts and promise only to touch on the most important things... 

PS: That there below is the face that Cason makes when I've both:
#1. Promised I won't be longwinded while trying to explain something awesome to someone, and #2. swear "I only packed what I needed" for a 7 day trip.
his luggage vs. mine

Okay, okay, so our trip started with a VERY long, complicated, bumpy flight to Florida from Salt Lake City Utah. 
I'm not sure if we were the ONLY state experiencing nice weather or what, but ALL of the planes on just about every airline were delayed from bad weather everywhere else.

We ended up spending a somewhat silly amount of time in the Denver airport, due to those delayed flights, and I'm pretty sure that half of the country was there right along with us.

I have to tell you that we stood in a customer service line, for what seemed like forever, and I had a lot of time to observe people. That was the moment that I took some time to snap this picture, and write my thoughts about angry, impatient, rude individuals. 
In the interest of trying to keep myself on track with fun trip details, I'll let you check out the full Instagram post here if you wish.

After about 13 hours of traveling (bleh) we finally made it to beautiful Fort Lauderdale Florida, with just enough time to eat a quick bite and hit the hay. Sunday mornings are when everyone starts boarding their ships! So yes, you'll definitely want to get in a day earlier than when you're actually setting sail for your cruise, just to make sure you leave yourself enough time.

Sunday morning came, and so did ALL the people!!!
There were hoards of all different kinds of people boarding big ol' ships the day we left. I had never seen anything quite like it.
That being said, I was also blown away by how organized and quickly everyone maneuvers through the boarding process! I can't speak for any other cruise line, but Princess sure has it down to an art. Between thousands of people, we only waited in a line for about 3-5 minutes tops here or there. It was awesome, and I was totally impressed.

The boat that we sailed on was called The Regal Princess. It's their newest ship and isn't even a year old yet. Let's get real, I called it the "fancy pants of ships" all week long. 
You guys, it's seriously stunning. The level of detailed craftsmanship is unreal, and the amount of thought and care put into each persons stay, while they're on the boat that week, is mind blowing.

We had a stateroom with a balcony. The bed AND pillows were super comfy, and the whole room ended up being a LOT roomier than I thought it would be...
... well, most parts of it anyway. LOL

Yeah, the bathrooms are teeny-tiny, but there's definitely enough room to get yo' thang' done in there if you place everything juuuust so :) You just can't be getting ready side-by-side with anyone else, that's for sure. ha!

The real show stopper in the room was by far the balcony. I personally wouldn't do a cruise without one. It's SO worth being able to step outside in your own little space if you want to. Taking in the vast amount of beautiful blue water while your sailing, or looking out onto the amazing city ports when you dock... it was my absolute favorite.
We finally set sail at about about 4:00pm on Sunday.
We said our goodbyes over an early, DELICIOUS dinner (more on that later) and made sure to take in all the amazing scenery. 
There's something about a cruise that everyone should experience once in a lifetime. It's like the minute you step on the boat, EVERY care and worry seems to melt away. It's just you, a big, lavish boat, endless amounts of yummy food at your fingertips, happy helpers all around, and beautiful blue water and/or sites at every turn. 
It's unreal and magnificent. Something I DEFINITELY recommend.

... till next time!
I'll be sharing pics and info about our first stop - the Princess Cays!


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This post was sponsored by Princess Cruises. I was compensated for time and travel, but opinions are 100% my own. We love sharing our adventures with you, so you can know more before you go!


  1. Oh My - that is a lot of luggage!

  2. Beautiful!! I'm going on my first cruise in August with 2 girlfriends & I'm sooo excited!

  3. I've been on two Princess Cruises and LOVED them! So jealous that you were able to go on the Regal :-) I can't wait to read your next post..vicariously living through you! I totally agree about the balcony...I set my alarm every morning to catch the sunrise!

  4. That looks amazing! I'm so jealous. I want a vacation so bad.

  5. Could you give me an approximate cost of the cruise? Our 25th anniversary is coming up next year!! It looks wonderful!

  6. Gorgeous, the thirteen hours of travel is not so glamorous but everything else was! Glad you had a fab time, I love cruising !

  7. Fun! We are heading out on our 3rd cruise - with our adventure-boy - 9 year old son, and my sweet 74 year old momma, in just two weeks for Spring Break. Can not wait to be on our balcony!!

  8. Thanks for sharing! This trip looks amazing! I've always wondered about how to fly in for a cruise.


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