Fabulous French Food, Beachside in Grand Case

This was the last stop on our Princess Cruise guys! I'm so sad to see it end... again. ha! Going through all of my photos has been so fun, and I'm already in need of more coastline, STAT!

St. Martin can really be summed up into 3 words.


If you've never been to St. Martin, you'll quickly learn that this busy little island is divided into two parts. The Dutch side and the French side.
Personally, I was more anxious to see what the French side had to offer, so Cason and I pulled another "catch a ride and make it out to the furthest spot away from everyone else" trick, and about an hour later ended up in Grand Case.

Advice... DO THIS! The beach was stunning, and the streets are lined with restaurants as far as the eye can see. It was almost overwhelming trying to pick one to eat at, but we finally decided on L'Escapade. 

Um... I really have no words... and honestly, only this picture, because I was too busy shoving my face full of all of the freakin' fabulous food that we ordered, to stop and photograph much. French onion soup, lobster bisque, short ribs, hot bread with fresh butter... oh man.  And the view was ridiculous.

After our lunch we headed to the beach to enjoy some local pastries and sunshine. We couldn't stay too long because we had to head back to our boat, but it was perfect timing due to the little rainstorm we almost got caught up in :) 
Again, I definitely recommend venturing away from port when and if you visit St. Thomas or St. Martin on a cruise. There is SO much to see and discover, beyond souvenir shops and tourist traps.


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  1. We went to St. Martin in February and fell in love with it!! (I recapped our stay with must have places to go too on my blog). Glad you guys enjoyed it! We will definitely go back!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time and I'm sure Cason really enjoyed it since his back surgery, no more pain. I hope :)

  3. We cruised to St. Martin, St. Thomas, & Bahamas -- I think the week after you did. We went to Dawn's Beach. Had a fabulous cruise but I haven't blogged any of it yet.


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