Just Put Your Favorite Lipstick on and Deal with It!

I don't think there could be a better motto for me in my life... especially this past year or so.

As MANY of you know, I'm what some would like to consider "a lipstick hoarder" ha! 
There's something about a GREAT shade of lipstick that can make you feel like a million bucks. I've always said that if there were only 2 beauty products that I could take on a deserted island, then it would be mascara and lipstick. Yeah, I know, the other stuff is awesome too, but there's not much else you'd need beyond these two super impactful tools to look fabulous in a beauty bind. 

SO when I saw this print the other day, I just KNEW I had to have it in my office.
Print: Joss & Main // Frame: Michaels

I've been feeling a lot lately like............. well, I just don't know how to finish that. Mostly because that's it! I've just been feeling. a. lot. lately.
It's like something inside said... "Okay, you're 32. Time to open up the flood gates!"
I've never cried, sympathized, genuinely rejoiced or had such little patience with other peoples (or my own) excuses more in my entire life. I feel like everyone is going through SOMETHING, and it's amazing to me how some people let their life situations define them... or how they decide THEY'RE going to define life's given situations.

Ha! I know... I know... I sound sweetly sensitive, and like a complete jerk all in one sentence. But that's honestly how I feel! I think that lately I've just been under this umbrella of "Everyone just needs to get their CRAP together! And if your crap isn't what you thought it would be, or you don't like how your crap is working out... just put your favorite lipstick on and DEAL WITH IT! And if you're doing all you can to deal with it, and just need a shoulder to cry on, or a big-fatty Diet Coke with lime and a sugar cookie... then I'm your girl! But if you just want to wallow in a corner and bury your head in the sand... don't come bawlin' to ME about it!"

Are you seeing how this print fits in perfectly with my attitude lately? LOL.  
Honestly, I think it just comes with age you guys. Cason and I have been through so much together. Things that should have broken us. Times that should have made us horrible, bitter people. Situations that 100% tested our patience, faith and even marriage.
Isn't that what life's about? Getting through the toughest of times, TOGETHER, and then also rejoicing and celebrating the awesomest parts?

I think when you get older, step back and look at the big picture and put everything into perspective... we see how silly most of our "problems" are. 

side note: I'm not talking about medical or life threatening problems - so don't start getting angry and commenting that some problems aren't fixable. I'm talking the everyday kind... and I'm also talking about the attitude you have when dealing with ANY problem.

I mean, how many meltdowns, woe-is-me and it's not fair moments have YOU had in your day this week so far, that simply could have just been solved by a friend, sister or casual reminder, to: Just put your Favorite Lipstick on and Deal with it! (?)

I LOVE being a Mom.
I LOVE being a Wife.

But this doesn't mean it's always easy. 
My kids get sassy, and they don't do what I ask, or want.
Sometimes the LAST thing I want to do is cook dinner, or even help with it. Make a bed, finish a project in my house, go to the gym, get ready for the day, wash clothes, have sex with my husband or sweep a floor. (yup, you just read that right... What? They all feel like chores sometimes).

But guess what? 
I'm alive and HEALTHY! I'm beautifully blessed, and can "deal" with ANY of these ho-hum, day by day tasks that sometimes make me want to pull my hair out in frustration.
Do you KNOW how lucky you are? 

If we think about these "chores" and situations we have to go through as BLESSINGS, it's amazing how our attitudes can change. How our confidence skyrockets, and how we magically will be able to look at the world and the people in it, differently. 

What situation are YOU going to look at differently today?
What annoying or difficult task, job or conversation are you going to just put your favorite lipstick on deal with?
We all have them - so let's choose to come out a better, HAPPIER person on the other side when all is said and done.



  1. Thank you for this post! I NEEDED to hear this. Very well said and great advice, now I am off to go put on some lipstick and make this a great day.

  2. Amen. Just amen. I am going through some crap with someone in my life who seem to think their choices which have lead to their life being stressful gives them the right to treat me horribly. I'd pay a lot of money to see this guy put some lipstick on and deal with it. Ha!

    1. I'm so sorry! I hope things get better soon!

  3. I love this! I feel like that quote was made for me too. I'm definitely a lip hoarder. And there are times where I get down with whatever problems I'm having, but life is so much better when I focus on the positive and deal with it instead of running. I also completely agree that there is a huge difference between people who let their problems define them and those that don't.


  4. Very well said and I agree :) Now to find my favorite lipstick :)

  5. Oh that's perfect in so many ways!! :)


  6. Great post! I had the red lipstick in my hand this weekend ( I usually just wear a light gloss) but I put it down. Now I feel like I need to go back and buy it!!

  7. Yep! You hit the nail on the head girl! It's all about being grateful. And....your fav lipstick or nail polish or dress or whatever!

  8. Great post! Love the print too.

  9. You got it girl! In the words of Heidi Swapp at SNAP, look at those woe-is-me chores as ways to help you "kick butt!"

    Shannon @ Bohemian Junktion

  10. You are right! There is always crap. Everyday there is crap! One just needs to move on and LIVE!!

  11. Long time reader, never commenter. But I just have to you let you know that this post is ridiculously awesome. Just pure awesome. 💋💋💋

  12. Thank you! I've been feeling the same way! I've been dealt some pretty rough hands, but it's true, it's all about how you deal with it. This is just like the Miranda Lambert song, Mama's Broken Heart - (chorus) "Go and fix your make up, girl, it's just a break up. Run and hide your crazy and start actin like a lady, 'Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together even when you fall apart."

  13. I think you hit the nail on the head for so many of us right now. There is so much for that gets piled on us to "dig out" from under. I think sometimes we feel like we're the only one. Your post really helped me see I am not alone. I loved your comment about not wanting to make dinner-sometimes that is the LAST thing I want to even think about, but with a family of six people it needs to be done. And of course the have sex comment. It can Really be a chore sometimes. Don't get me wrong. I love my husband. He is amazing. I love our intimate times. It just is hard to "get there", you know? LOL! Anyway, one step at a time, line upon line I can do it. I appreciate you and sharing your life with us. Thank you!

  14. Oh my, this is great. It is so much better than "Cowboy up", "put your big boy pants on", etc. It is for the girl in us all! If you think you feel like this at 32, wait until your 43 and your kids are teenagers. I may get this sign for my daughters room. Hugs!
    PS I'm glad you're back to posting. I missed your inspiration while you were on a blog sabbatical.

  15. This is fabulous. I read just reading this, too, from Elder Eyring's Daughters in the Covenant talk, "Heavenly Father taught you before you were born about the experiences you would have as you left Him and came to earth. You were taught that the way back home to Him would not be easy. He knew that it would be too hard for you to make the journey without help..." and my first thought was, "One of those helps is lipstick." :)

  16. Amen sister! Preach! I have been thinking about everything you just said - how many "through the fire" moments can one have in life? lol! Grateful, too blessed to be stressed!!!

  17. Right there with ya girl! I loved this post!

  18. Hi Shelly! is there a way for us to still order this print???


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