Oops I did it Agaaaaain - Entryway Painting & Inspiration!

Guys, I had to! I just LOVE white so much! And I want some sort of awesome molding treatment in the entryway and down the hall. It already looks brighter with the primer we have so far. 

PAINT COLOR: High Hide White from Sherwin Williams in a satin finish.

Here are my inspiration pics for what I'm thinking :) 

I REALLY miss my black front door from our old house. 

But I'm not sure I could pull that look off, with the shutters on each side of the window. Maybe I could.......

Or MAYBE I could get a new front door with a pretty window like The Project Girl!

You'll hate me for sharing that link up there, because you'll get stuck on Jen's blog for HOURS, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over things... and then you'll find yourself coveting everything her husband touches - he's a wood working genius! 

Okay, well, back to it! I'll be sharing another update soon!



  1. Good luck with your project! I have been to the Project Girl's home. Photos can never show the awesomeness of IRL!

  2. Good luck with your project. I just know it will turn out FAB!!! I would love to know the source for the photo with the two yellow hanging pictures. I NEED to have those pictures!

  3. I love white, too. It is so clean and fresh, and you can spice it up with colorful pictures and pillows and such.

    1. I just thought you'd be interested to know that Jen's husband and I were friends in San Francisco. He is totally awesome. Next time I'm in Utah I want to go see their house. Just keep on being awesome. Love ya. xoxo sz


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