That Cruise Life!

I couldn't talk again about our Princess Cruise without showing a couple of my favorite pictures of the actual boat itself. 
It was STUNNING you guys. I know people SAY that, but really, until you experience how pretty every detail is on a big, huge boat like that, you have no idea. 

My most favorite spot was the amazing view from the top of the ship, looking down to the common area. The design is so clean and beautiful. 

And yes, we enjoyed one too many relaxing (ehhm, lazy) days out on those chairs watching movies and soaking up the sunshine :)

Another spot on the boat that I thought was awesome, was the skywalk towards the outside of the ship. You can literally see all the way down to the bottom... which is mildly terrifying and sort of thrilling all at once. ha!

Feeling like you're out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the most breathtaking blue water and beautiful sky, is SO cool. I couldn't stop taking pictures of it all. 

One morning I even woke up to this unbelievable double rainbow... and started screaming at Cason to grab my camera so I could snap a picture before it disappeared. ha!

Tell me it doesn't look totally fake!?
I'm tempted to frame it, because it was such a beautiful site that I never want to forget... and it sort of put how amazing the earth is, into perspective for me. How life is so much more than just our 9-5 jobs, laundry, cooking dinner, etc.
I know that sounds really deep, but it's true! It made me wish my kids were there to see it, and it fueled my fire even more of wanting to show my children the bigger picture. The breathtaking world outside of their current little bubble, and everything it has to offer.

Everything from hot tubs randomly placed around the boat, to the entertainment, rooftop recreational areas, amazing spa and countless restaurants to try... I mean, there's seriously so much to do and see, that it's almost impossible to get bored. 

You can see more pictures and read up a bunch here, on all the fun things each Princess ship has to offer, if you're interested. 

Next I'll be sharing pics from our St. Thomas port stop. My absolute favorite part of the whole trip!


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  1. Oh man, I'm so jealous! I need a vacation and that looks like a dream come true!

  2. Sounds wonderful! A grey day here in the UK, so that cruise is particularly tempting today! Love your sandals too! Xx


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