Our Summer Plan to Keep the Girls Learning & Active

I don't know about you, but about a week ago I started to panic about what the heck my kiddos were going to do the entire summer.
Yes, playing together with dolls, the occasional trip to the pool, riding bikes and running through the sprinklers is great... but then what do I do after the first week is over? LOL

My kids are a lot like me, they love to have something to look forward to, so I went searching for a few things to get them involved in, and found an AWESOME little 4 day camp that I just HAD to share with my Utah peeps!

How cute and great is this idea!?
Kids can enroll from ages 5-12, and they have a half or full day option when you sign them up.
They get to:
Care for animals.
Learn about different farm crops and how they are planted and grow.
Experience real working farm equipment.
Plant pumpkins and then come back and harvest them in fall.
Help prepare and eat healthy snacks and lunches everyday... The list goes on!

I'd seen this cute family farm off the side of the road a million times, but had no idea they put on a kids summer camp and also had everything you'd need for planting yummy, beautiful things in your own garden, AND an adorable fresh produce and meat market that was open to the public!

I visited the farm last week to see the market and talk to the owners about the camp, and they're the nicest little family with three young kids of their own.

Farmer Luke was crazy-busy tending to a bunch of farm business (one being these lovely tomato plants... YUMMY!) so I snuck a few pictures, because well... that's how I roll. ha!

The Petersen's fresh market was adorable, and filled with only locally grown produce and goodies.
I just LOVE stuff like this! I'm ALL for supporting my local community, and plus, everything always tastes about a million times better!

The Petersen Farm also has a food truck rally every Friday night, so I took the whole crew this last weekend, and they fell in LOVE with the food and farm just like I did.

Since my girls have never seriously gotten into ONE thing like dance, a certain sport or an instrument. We've dabbled in a bunch of stuff to see what would stick, and so far we haven't poured a crazy amount of time or money into one specific hobby. This being said, I don't want my kids zoning out in front of the TV or whining to me about how bored they are all summer.
I love the idea of teaching them something outside of their everyday routine, showing them where REAL food comes from so they can appreciate it, getting them out in nature and hopefully meeting new friends!

Animal or human... I'm positive they're totally fine with either. ha!

If you're interested in getting your kiddos enrolled in the Petersen's Farm Camp, you can read all about it here and sign them up!
Or if you're just looking for yummy produce and meat, or want to even drop by and see the animals, check the Petersen's out on Facebook.
They also put all the food truck rally info there too, if you're lookin' to grub on something yummy every Friday night :) 

Apart from the typical Mom induced entertainment this summer (which I'm sure we'll all do plenty of), what kinds of things do you get YOUR kiddos involved in, or expose them to!?

We're looking into a reading class that's free at the local library, and I've also signed them up for a week-long theater group, where they learn a Disney play, make costumes and then perform for the parents at the end of the week!
I feel like one special thing a month for a week long in the summer is a good way to break things up... aaaaaand give ME some free time too. (booyah!)

I love ideas, so let me hear 'em!



  1. Our family is a lot like yours, our kids have done a bit of everything. They are 12,11,&10 and they all love 3 things swimming,art, and learning to cook. They are taking art(from a local artist in her home) and swim lessons from a college student(because we all need a pool day)! I signed us up for a CSA and we can visit the farm whenever we want. On the days we pick up our share we are going to have cooking class. My children's school implemented this thing called genius hour, it is their favorite thing and we plan to continue that during the summer, utilizing the libraries resources(genius hour- they pick a topic and research and read about it). My 12 year old will be going to scout camp. I also found 3 camps at our local Art Center for them to take individually(cartooning, pottery, and skits and plays). The last thing we do is have a bucket list. Everyone chooses 5 things they want to do and we put them in a bucket on strips of paper(of course) and we draw one on free days, this way everyone gets to do something they want to do!

  2. Sewing classes for kids have been very popular around here.

  3. I'm local, I want to know more about the theater class!

  4. That farm looks awesome, what a great idea. You can tell that they love what they do because everything looks so well kept and the animals look very happy :)

  5. The community college in my town is doing kids college classes they are $20 each, have several options, and run 2-3 days for a couple hours. I signed my oldest (the only one old enough) for Dino Dig, Rookie Robotics, and Cool Critters! He has LOVED them! I love that it gets his mind working, but is more than just math, spelling and reading!!! We used to do swim lessons, but our community pool has been shut down...


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