Cooking In & Getting Our Kids on Board with New Foods!

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This post was sponsored by Blue Apron // We strive to only partner with and endorse companies who promote products and messages that we already love, and know you can appreciate too!

I was thinking about it the other day and I realized that it's been over 4 years since I've been a full-time stay at home Mom. 
I've always had another job, or something else going on outside my everyday mommy and wifely duties, and I just feel SO lucky to finally be able to focus on my kids, my husband, my house and myself again - with NO work stress!

All of that being said, there are definitely things that I'm noticing I need to make big improvements on.
* Patience
* Laundry
* Continuing to get ready for the day even though I have no plans to go anywhere. ha! (it just makes me feel better about life in general, if I have my hair done and makeup on)
* Working out regularly 
And last but definitely not least... 

For the last handful of years we've gotten into some really bad habits with eating out. I'm talkin' like 3-4 times a week people :( 
And let's get real, when you are constantly eating out, no matter HOW many good choices you try to make, you always feel either unsatisfied or grossly stuffed. Not to mention that theres something to be said about making dinner in your own home with your family that just brings everyone together and makes a home feel... homey!

I definitely struggle with dinnertime more than any other meal. I think it's because by the end of the day I'm tired, out of creativity and don't feel like cleaning up a huge mess. If I plan ahead (which I'm trying to get better at) then it's about a MILLION times better for everyone; and throwing in a couple of totally unique, freshly picked and 100% ready-to-cook meals from Blue Apron each week, can pretty much make you feel like a gourmet chef with no extra shopping needed.
We're in love :)
If you want to try out a couple of these awesome dinners for yourself, go for it! They're offering two FREE meals off of your first Blue Apron order.

This leads me to my next point. Something I've been strongly enforcing around here the past year has been a love for ALL types of foods; not just carbs, cheese and chicken. ughhhh. I swear, those are the only things offered to our kiddos when you go out nowadays.

Fruits, veggies, different types of grains and spices/sauces are SO important for kids to try as they grow up. I think it has really helped my girls to become better adjusted to situations where they have to eat meals that are offered outside of our home. Plus, it has really expanded their taste range, and even THEY are surprised at the things they end up liking! 

The BIGGEST tip that I can give any parent who struggles with the typical kid(s), who doesn't love stepping out of their food comfort zone, is to get THEM involved in dinner planning and preparing WITH you. I feel like when my girls know what exactly goes into their foods and they can help cut, chop or cook it up, they are way more likely to eat it.

Yes. This can take an insane amount of patiences, and sometimes double your meal prep time, so I'm not saying do this EVERY night, but maybe just on nights where you know they might have a tougher time with select ingredients or new flavors. 

One thing I've learned as a mom, is that kids LOVE to help, even with the smallest of tasks. It makes them feel important and needed - and we all want more of that in our life, right?

Dinnertime can definitely be a challenge, but there are so many tools, cookbooks and amazing food delivery services out there now, that it really doesn't have to be!

Sure, we still cater to our kiddos when we need to. Omit a certain veggie that they just can't stand, or strong spice or cheese that they may not like... but for the most part, it's been pretty awesome being able to cook my OWN meals, fill them with wholesome ingredients and gain a lot more piece of mind that what my kids are eating is healthy and good for all of our bodies.

What are some of your favorite dinnertime tips, so that you don't dread that 6:00 hour?

Like I mentioned before, we have tried lots of things, but for us, the convenience of the family plan from Blue Apron a handful of times each month (which always gives us way more than we need for 2 adults and 3 kids) has been an awesome option for me as I step my toes back into the cooking-at-home-waters with my girls each night.
Chef-inspired meals ready in usually about 30-40 minutes, with perfectly measured out farm fresh ingredients, minus any trips to the grocery store?... YES PLEASE!
I also like that you can skip meal deliveries if you don't want or need one, which is nice for our busy schedule.

Like I mentioned before, if you want to try out a couple of these yummy meals for you and your family, Blue Apron is offering the first 50 readers two FREE meals off of their first Blue Apron order... so go for it!
Bon Appetite! 

This post was sponsored by Blue Apron // We strive to only partner with and endorse companies who promote products and messages that we already love, and know you can appreciate too!


  1. We are giving cooking at home our best efforts as well! Our strategy has also been to plan that one special night out into our routine, to help us stick to the cook-at-home nights. Thanks for sharing!

    Michaela @ The Lodge on Haydon

  2. I would love to order this. Do you order 2 family plans a week??


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