Dear Summer, It's Time to Break Up.

Dear Summer, 
I think it's time to break up. 

I mean, it's been fun these last few months but we just don't feel the same about you as we used to.

Do you remember how we were so excited to hang out, like EVERY day? And how you wrapped us in warmth and gave us endless hours of your undivided attention? 

Yeah, well all of that was great until... it wasn't.

I think we are just... done.

The activities we used to love together are getting old, and that warmth has turned into scorching heat. Psssst... anything over 90 degrees just feels like you're smothering us, and it makes us beyond grumpy.
It's not you, it's us.
We just don't deserve you anymore.
I think it's time for all of us to move on and FALL in love with someone else.

Because honestly, you've driven some of us to drink WAY too much - merely to survive the whining, crying, fighting, endless amounts of meal fixing, housecleaning, laundry doing...and even though we're all making a good attempt at trying to keep our shiz together - it's just not pretty anymore. 

Don't feel bad. Maybe we just need to separate for now; I hear time heals all.
I'm sure we'll find comfort and love in each other again someday. 

The fed-up SAHM who adores and loves her kids, but is ready to get back to her regularly scheduled program.



  1. PREACHπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. I feel exactly the same. I'm over summer and ready for fall.

  3. I always feel guilty when I say I'm ready for the kids to be in school! Yes, I will miss them but if their baby brother can nap uninterrupted and the house stays clean for more than 2 seconds I am a happy Momma!

  4. OH how I feel your pain. I'm DONE with fighting over X-box, hearing "i'm bored"( but we can't pick up a dang book ! ), picking up wet towels and swimsuits, food wrappers & ice cream bowls. It's 105 here in Htown today with a heat index of 112 - nothing good can come from this !!!

  5. Feel the same way over here!!! We don't go back until after labor day!!! Please send me silent, you can do it prayers!!!

  6. My gradeschoolers went back yesterday (I have a 6th grade babysitter/helper for 2 more weeks) and it is GLORIOUS!! Can I just say, something about the first day of school makes you want to clean?? My kitchen floor hadn't seen a non-baby wipe mop in...well, months. πŸ™ˆ. It was bad! I got so much done though!! Thank heavens for routine! Now I get to complain about the school drop off line.... Grrrrr.

  7. Agreed! Although, we did have the BEST summer EVER!!'

  8. Such a fun bunch of family, friends and water pictures! Best of all, I love your summer freckles! You look so real and interesting to get to know! Have a great day!

  9. Bring on Fall, long walks, yummy soups and holiday fun!
    I really hope it snows this year so we can sled again. We got cheated last year.
    It was a great summer though.☺️

  10. NEVER! I LOVE LOVE LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!! There is no other season like it!!!!

  11. A cool front moved in yesterday and now the high is only 100. I'm not making this up that's how the weather man in Dallas described the weather this week. I'm sick of this heat. However, summer means my relaxed low stress teenage daughter turns into someone I love spending time with. I know Miss dramatic sassy mouth will return when school starts in 11 days it just reiterates how stressful high school is now. Technically I only have 3 more summers with her and we will be empty nesters. So for the first time ever I am a little sad to see school start.

  12. When my girls were young I felt the same way...This year is bittersweet and I don't want summer to end. My first baby heads to college. Exciting and terrifying all at once!

  13. YES and NO. Our winters are bad here and we get stuck inside. I have a preschooler and 9 month old. So either way I'm stuck in this long rut. At least now, we can be outside in the water for hours at a time.

  14. Amen!! Love, love, love these kids o mine, buuuuut..... SO ready for a 6 hour break from the whining, messes, activity planning, boredom preventing, etc. :)
    PS. You have fabulous eyebrows! :)

  15. I envy those who live in a place where it's always summer, but each season has its own charm. But yeah, summer rules!
    Your post made me smile. Have a nice end of the summer!

  16. We homeschool, so back to school time doesn't change much in out home. I am definitely ready for everyone else to go back to school. Every place we enjoy is crowded and stressful! I am ready for fall weather, cute scarves, and pumpkin everything. Bring it on!


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