Oh Monday, Why Art Thou So?

Two more days till school starts... and I just found out yesterday that I have strep throat. High temp, white sores and all!

Yup. How awesome is that? ugggh 

My girls are at a pretty awesome age and they just do their own thing, but it's hard to completely zone out and sleep when you know you have kids at home.

Luckily my Mom took the girls last night so I could get to a doctor and gather prescriptions... but I hear my kiddos downstairs now, and I'm pretty sure that they're making their own quesadillas for lunch, which means there's going to be remaining shards of a Costco sized bag of colby jack cheddar sprinkled on pretty much every surface of my kitchen counters and floor.

I LITERALLY watched one of my girls pinch the smallest handful of cheese to pop in her mouth the other day, while simultaneously spinning and humming a song, (welcome to my house) and you would have thought she had acquired special shredded cheese multiplying powers. Cheese EVERYWHERE people.
I still wonder if any of that "snitch" actually made it to her lovely pie hole.

I'm just grateful that I GET to be home and don't have to go to work outside the house and feel this way today. Strep is seriously so awful. 
It's a funny thing how we take something as simple as swallowing for granted. 

My girls want new backpacks for school, and I told them no.
Their old backpacks are JUST fine, and basically look brand new.
Plus, I honestly don't have ANY extra money for back to school stuff right now. Am I alone here? I can't even afford paint for my dumb entryway. Why can't we all just wear our Summer clothes for the first couple months of school? It's still blazing hot, and if they're good enough for Instagram pictures with filters thrown over them, then they're good enough for 6 hours of sweaty recesses, dirty classroom floors and messy cafeteria lunches.
Can I get an amen!?

I will definitely be searching for the most worthy "back to school outfit - that was probably worn last year" for that traditional first day of school photo. 
I figure if I wash my picks on the hottest setting in my machine, and actually get an iron out... they'll basically look brand new, right?

I'm going to have to slowly stockpile jeans and long sleeved shirts, jackets and sweaters as the paychecks come in.
Speaking of paychecks, why is it that they always tend to come right AFTER you really need them? 

Well, I'm off to ...

you thought I was going to say "to clean up spilled cheese" didn't you?


I'm off to TAKE A NAP.


Hope your Monday is rockin' as hard as mine! **insert sarcasm here**

P.S. - My kid are getting weirder as the Summer drags out. And I'd love to say that this "traveler in a suitcase" game is a new thing... but alas, it is not. The breathing straw just is. Smart kid.
You should see the twins trying to haul the "traveler" down the stairs. I always just walk away at that point. #mypoorwalls #mypoortraveler #oneoftheirfavoriteactivities


  1. Strep sucks! Sorry you feel horrible and on a Monday to boot! Hang in there! I live in TN and so we have the heat and then we also have the HUMIDITY! LOL My son started Kindergarten and I didn't buy any new clothes, yet. We bought new shoes and a good backpack that should last him all of his Elementary school days. I think it's totally fine to forgo the new stuff now and then catch all this new Fall stuff on sale around the time it cools off to actually be able to wear them. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. So sorry you're sick! And yes... School clothes are coming after the first day of school this year. Having to wear uniform polo shirts and shorts makes it a little easier - but no less expensive.

  3. Thank you for keeping it real! I needed this on this oh-so-awesome Monday! 👏🏻. The first day of school can't come fast enough for me. 3 more daayz. And my kid didn't get a new backpack either. 😀. Hope you feel better super super quick! Strep sucks!! 😞

  4. I finally had to tell my kids "back to school does not = Christmas!" It's worse as they get older and their friends all start posting their haul on instagram!

  5. It is like the last breakfast, lunch and dinner over here in Colorado with the first day of school tomorrow. And, throw is tennis tryouts and this mom is going to gain 5 pounds in 5 days! Sleep, drink (liquids :0) and repeat. Meds will kick in shortly! xo, laura@

  6. Hi! I have never commented but I have been a reader for a long time. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing and the struggle is real! A lot of times i see the beautiful blogs and IG pictures and think what do people do for a living to be able to dress their kids perfect, decorate a beautiful home and cook these pinworthy meals its nice to hear we are all in the same boat sometimes budgets are hard =)

  7. Sorry to hear you are sick! I totally agree with you about reusing backpacks and I also reuse all school supplies that I can!!! Our school here in Canada only starts in September, but they also have school till June 30!

  8. My boys use the same backpacks and often lunchboxes for multiple years. I bought them nice REI and Pottery Barn kids ones and I expect them to last! I have them wear summer clothes for the first month or so too. Maybe a new shirt for the first day but the same shorts for sure. Of course, I have boys that don't really care. I'm the one who cares! Thanks for keeping it real!

  9. Marie's backpack from preschool is still in great shape. She's starting 2nd grade this year! Ha! I feel bad for her (because I have always refused to buy new backpacks unless old ones are toasat) so I'm handing it down to the little sister, whose backpack from last year is already ripping. What?! Note to self, Embark backpacks get a great big thumbs up from me.

    I'm sorry you have strep. What's up with that?!

  10. When it rains it pours! I hope you feel better soon. You are so crafty that you will probably learn to sew and make all of your girls' clothes. :)

  11. I've never subscribed to the "new outfit for the first day of school" thing. When I was a kid we did that, and my sister once tried to make me feel like I wasn't doing my part as a mom if I didn't do that for my kids. But it's such an artificial, money-making (for stores), money-wasting (for us) thing to do. We buy new clothes (which sometimes means "new to us" clothes) when they're needed, not when school is about to start!

    Another thing we do to help with back-to-school economics is to stock up whenever they have those ridiculous "loss leader" sales, like a pack of pencils for a penny, or 5 cents for a pack of lined paper. Each member of the family can stand in line to purchase the maximum number you can get, or you go back daily until the sale is over. I can usually "shop" from my home supplies each year!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  12. Sorry that your Monday was so hard. Strep is the worst. No new backpack for Abby this year either. She is going to use a hand-me-down from one of your girls that is still in great shape. Luckily she thinks that it is awesome. ;-) I love the "idea" of new school clothes and supplies but hate the idea of spending a lot of money on things that will not last very long when there are other more important things to worry about. Frugality is my goal so I can eventually get out of this two bedroom apartment before I'm 50. Bahaha!

  13. what what? you mean people get new backpacks every year? ha. not mine. not till zippers break. also, kids don't get new clothes till they outgrow them!

    feel better, mama

  14. I used to get caught up in the "new clothes for a new school year" idea, but them I realized my son really didn't care about it. So now we buy shoes and clothes when he needs them, not because it's a new school year. And after years of buying everything on the school supply list, now we buy a few basics and only buy other stuff when a need arises. AND JUST THROW AWAY THE TARGET ADS, DON'T LOOK - THEY ARE BEWITCHING AND WILL SUCK YOU INTO THEIR TRAP!!

  15. I used to get strep every fall growing up. Lucky me, it has moved to summer. Because having strep in the summertime when the kids are home is just rad. I hope your man is getting you some yummy pellet ice to ease the pain!

  16. It's been a while since I've been around...but still love this BLOG----I'm digging the "let's be real" and "I'm broke" post! I am totally on the same page as you!! Get well soon!!!!

  17. Hope you are feeling better by now! Strep sucks!

    My boys are also getting weirder as the summer goes on. Thank goodness school starts Monday! I'm glad I've taken some time off this summer to spend time with them, but man are they exhausting!

    oh, and A-freaking-men girl! I REFUSE to buy cold-weather clothing while it's still hot out. They can wear the same grody clothes they've been wearing all summer. After all, they are only going to run around, get dirty and funky anyway right? Who needs to look cute before picture day? Not my boys! Besides, they are just going to grow out of anything I buy now, and, by the time they need to wear it the stuff will already have to be replaced. Weeds I tell ya.

    And the paycheck thing? SERIOUSLY. DH gets paid once a month, compared to my bi-weekly but still. We always seem to spend more bi-weekly than we do on that monthly big spend...of course, him working out of town for weeks on end during fire season doesn't help.

  18. I have two boys - one in middle school and one in high school. The hiigh schooler can wear what he wants, which is usually shorts and tee. Thankfully my middle schooler doesn't have to wear uniforms this year, so he is also wearing shorts and a tee. Neither of them got new summer stuff for school, but they did get new shoes. They also got new backpacks because they have to carry mesh backpacks, and those simply aren't substantial enough to make it through THREE years of use.

    AR typically has very mild winters, so my boys will get some new jeans, track pants and maybe one pair of khakis each. They don't like coats and won't wear them. They wear hoodies and Northface-style jackets. So, I'll get fall/winter stuff when it's needed.

    When they were younger, I bought all new uniforms inlcuding pants before school started. By the time it was cool enough here for them to wear those pants, they were three inches too short. I won't do that again.

  19. Oh boy! THANK YOU for being a blogger who was totally REAL about money (i.e - life). I REALLY appreciate it. REALLY! HA! (I concure with Raquel completely). Also, I had strep throat two years ago. It was SOO painful and aweful.


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