When It Takes You a Year and a Half to Organize 2 Kitchen Drawers...

Remember that one time when we moved into a new house and I literally dumped my old kitchen draw from a brown box into a new kitchen drawer, and it stayed like that for about a year and a half?

And then remember that time one of my friends was over at my house trying to help with dinner, and it took her about 10 minutes to find the freakin' right measuring spoon to use, because my kitchen drawer was a shiz show?
(palm to forehead). So embarrassing - Sorry Kathryn :( 

Well, I've had it. It's time to get my act together.
Thank the stars for Ikea and their super inexpensive drawer organizing options.

With only about 30 minutes, a quick assessment of what I actually needed, and didn't, I turned my once hectic, stressful, embarrassing drawers into this!

This took no time at all, yet I felt so overwhelmed with taking on the task. Why is that?

It feels SO GOOD to get stuff done that's gnawing away at the back of your mind.
Does anyone get like this too? What are your tricks for tackling boring, "have-to-get-done" tasks like these?
I figure it's just about taking it one drawer at a time... sort of like decorating.


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  1. Oh my goodness! I NEED the details on the counters! Have you already done a post on your new kitchen?


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