A Splash of Pink - A New Kitchen Rug!

I'm obsessed with pink lately. 
I love it. 
I want to shower my house with all shades of it.

And then I remember there IS a man who lives here. And while he doesn't really mind touches of magenta, fuchsia and coral... there IS a limit people. LOL 
So my goal has been to reign in the pink obsession a bit, and instead, just add SPLASHES of pink here and there. 

If you remember our eating area in the kitchen before, we had a beautiful cream and yellow zebra print rug. 

I loved it... and so did my dogs. UGH! We must have spilled something on the rug under where our settee sat, because no matter what we did, they would constantly scratch at it, pulling up lots of rug pieces.
Basically, they ruined it.

This AND the fact that the settee wheels always got caught under the edge of the rug when rolled out, and it WAS pretty light in color. I loved how it looked, but I'd have to rush to a stain the second something dropped. 

So... I went on the search for a new rug. And yes, of course, found one I LOVED at RugsUSA.com

It's almost rude how many AWESOME choices there are over there, because it's SO HARD to decide!!! But... I finally went with this amazing pink, grey, blue and cream ikat rug option!

I'm LOVING that the base color of this rug is dark, which means it will hide spills and stains better.
And I've already sprayed the entire rug with my trusty "no chew pet spritzer"... so hopefully that helps with the puppy situation. 

I also love that the blue ties in with the pillows that we just bought for our living room, to add some much needed color to our space!

I know lots of people don't like a rug under their table, but it's a MUST for me!

I love the splash of interest it brings to the entire kitchen!


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  1. Hi! I am ISO this rug! Do you know the manufacturer? I cannot find it on rugsusa anymore (I realize it has been a while).


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