Halloween Costumes & Thoughts!

I know it's over, but I just can't help looking at all of these cute pictures from this years little Halloween costume photoshoot that we did!
Pictures are EVERYTHING. I love having them for memories, and to look back on in years to come. 
Halloween is like the ultimate dress up for me and my girls. We pull out all of the stops and I let them get creative with costumes, makeup, hair... you name it! As long as we're modest, I'm up for whatever they want to do!
It's so fun watching their personalities come out.
All three of my girls knew exactly what they wanted to be this time around, so it made the costume shopping a lot of fun and easier than years past.
I can't believe how big my little people are getting. It's been such an amazing experience, especially these past couple of years, to see them really come into their own. Have their own opinions and thoughts. 
I just love them so much, and as cliche as it sounds, I really DO hope they never lose their sense of wonder, and love for everything fun, exciting and happy. 
They are such a bright light in my life. 

I hope everyone had an amazingly fun and safe Halloween too!


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