Salty, Sweet, Pink Chocolate Party Popcorn!

Buttery, salty popcorn - good
Pretzels - good
M&M's - good
Melted white chocolate - good
Put it all together and BOO-YA! The perfect pink party popcorn! 
It's pretty self explanatory, but here are some tips and pictures on how we put everything together. 
We air popped the mushroom kernel corn from Orson Gygi. It pops up bigger and fluffier in my opinion. But you can use ANY kind of popcorn, honestly.   
 Then we broke up pretzel sticks, added a little salt and drizzled melted butter over the top of everything.
Then we melted white chocolate, just in the microwave, and poured it all over the pretzel and popcorn mixture.

At this point, you can add candy, nuts or anything else that you want. We did pink M&M's... of course :)
I wanted a pink drizzle on top of everything, so I added red food coloring to the rest of the white chocolate, in stages. To get get different shades of pink.
 I spread the white chocolate popcorn mixture out on wax paper, and then drizzled like crazy with the different shades of pink chocolate.
I'd say that this took about an hour or so to completely set, before I broke it up and put it in cups for eating.
This recipe is so quick and easy. My girls basically did all the work, and everyone loved it at the wedding shower we threw! It's definitely a fun, decadent, but easy summer time treat!


  1. I love this idea, thanks for the new recipe! Also, where is your cute popcorn popper from?

  2. WOW that looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love! Where did you find the gold chevron cups and confetti?!

  4. Love! Where did you find the gold chevron cups and confetti?!

  5. That looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing.


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