Mommin' Be Hard Yo - But Always Worth It + A New School Year

Life has been so busy, and I've definitely been slacking on... well... pretty much everything. But there's ONE thing EACH year that I do, no matter what life throws at me. And that's back to school pictures. The kind that don't just come from my phone real quick. The kind that require thought, preparation, and charging of the "nice camera" battery the night before.

Yup, it's straight-up like the ONLY photo shoot that I do with my kids that I can count on having each year, and you better believe that I get up about 3 hours before everyone else, to shower and prep for this picture event! 
It's a freaking task and takes planning, and don't let ANY mother of multiple girls with LOTS of hair, who takes semi posed and decent pictures (on a time crunch), tell you otherwise.
Because I'm convinced that if they do, they're lying to you... or taking some kind of magical pill that has them super energized, or chilling way out. *lucky*

Am I pretty much exhausted by 8:30am when I get done with everything, and drop these chicks off for their first day? uhhh, yeah.
But it's worth EVERY single, adorable, posed, perfect hair'd (?) picture!!!
I LIVE for these rare, clean-faced, smiley, excited, confident-child-filled photos!
I love how excited THEY are to be showing off their new clothes, sassy hair-do's and backpacks.

This new school year was especially awesome for our littlest, because she got her braces off only a few days before, and was SO incredibly excited to tell everyone! (more on this later)
Yeah... we're still learning how to "smile normal" without them. LOL. Oh my gosh, she kills me. 

When I was a young Momma, struggling with three babies at once, I thought I was freakin' crazy for having twins, and then another baby only 18 months later... but now that they're all grown up, it's SO FUN having them all doing basically the same things together. They love, compliment and support each other at school, and are truly such good friends. 

Do they argue and get super sassy with each other sometimes? Of course. 
Do they have completely different personalities, that cause drama occasionally? Pshhh, yeah. 
But dang-it, they sincerely ARE the best of friends, and would do anything for each other... and I can't tell you how MUCH that means to me as a Mom. And especially as a Mom of girls - in today's world.
I HOPE and PRAY constantly, that they take these same special sister relationship principals into their friend relationships as well. How great would it be if they all ended up with groups of awesome, supportive, kind, fun-loving friends?
It's pretty much all I hope and dream for, now that I see my girls getting bigger, and making so many choices, friends and decisions on their own. I just KNOW, from experiences (good and bad) how MUCH friends can shape your life growing up, and I also know how little control I will really have of that now, moving forward.

So... I hold on tight to the things I still have everyday with them, and cherish the little moments more than anything.
Reading and snuggle time.
Hair-do's and chatting.
Kitchen dance parties.
And celebrating all the little happy "wins" along the way.

It's the last year of elementary school for our twins, and just thinking about everything middle school will bring... terrifies me.
I've said it once, and I'll say it again; Mommin' be hard yo. #truth.
It's emotionally taxing and completely out of your control most of the time. It's a 100% selfless and so incredibly exhausting... but also the most amazingly rewarding and fulfilling calling there ever was.
I'll never take being blessed with these amazing kids for granted. More than ever before, they have become my whole world. They give me purpose and more unconditional love, when I've needed it, than I ever thought possible. 
I am forever grateful for them in my life, and just want the very best for them this year... like I know ALL you other Momma's want for your littles. 

Here's to the best year yet!

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