Slime all the Time - Our Favorite Slime Recipes

Are anyone else's kids like... SOOOOOO into making slime this summer?
Mine are obsessed! I've never run out of school glue so freaking fast😅

We've tried TONS of different slime recipes, but keep coming back to the same ones, so I thought I'd share them. Plus, an affordable tip on how we store all that stretchy, fluffy, shiny goo.

Our go-to recipes are the ones from the Elmer's and Michael's Crafts websites.
These are a few of our favorites, because they're easy and the supplies are affordable. 
I found that ordering Elmer's glue through Amazon was by far the cheapest. 

This big gallon of glue was about $4-$7 cheaper than at my local craft store and it's free shipping for prime members. 
Don't get me wrong, slime is easy and provides tons of entertainment for kids... but holy garbage overload. Beware, if you let kiddos do slime projects alone, there WILL be lots of trash😂

Now for storage. 
The BEST, most affordable way I've found to store slime, is in these containers from the dollar store. At my local dollar store you can get 4 for $1. So I picked up about $5 worth, and ta-da! No more kids stealing my good tupperware for slime storage😛
If you run out of containers, just wrap slime in wax paper and then you can still store it in a container with another color, but now they won't run into each other. 

I know other mommas out there have kids who are obsessed with all things slime, so tell me what your favorite recipes and tips or tricks are!

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