Everything Colourpop! - because affordable, good quality makeup...duh!

It's done! I did it! A complete guild to Colourpop Cosmetics! What you guys on insta-stories have been asking for over and over again - see!? I deliver!

Okay, before we get into the "nitty-gritty" (name that movie), I want to chat super quick about a couple of things. Especially for those of you who are wondering what the heck Colourpop even is. lol

1. The TOP reason I love Colourpop so much, is because it's crazy affordable, and the quality of the makeup is actually really good! I LOVE makeup, but I hate that it can cost you an arm and a leg to try something new. This is NOT the case here. 

2. There is always FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30.

3. Colourpop is constantly launching new products, and they almost ALWAYS have deals or fun, limited time products being introduced. PLUS, you can sign up for their newsletters and get a $5 off coupon code.

4. Colourpop has always only been online, until recently when they announced they were coming to Sephora. I still feel like they'll have a better selection online, so I'd say that's your best bet.

5. If you're not already, follow Colourpop on Instagram. They always have live swatches of their products so you can get a better idea of what everything looks like, and you'll be one of the first to know when new things hit the shop.

5. This has nothing to do with Colourpop... but you guys... PLEASE go out of your comfort zone and try new makeup. I stuck with the same blush, mascara, mauve lipstick and brown shadow for over 6 years, and trying new colors and trends has totally boosted my confidence and makes getting ready FUN! I realize this won't be the case for everyone, but you DESERVE $30 worth of makeup you want to try... JUST because! 
I had (and still have) no idea what the crap I'm doing with half of my makeup, but it's been fun to figure it out and see what looks good and what doesn't. So take the leap ladies!

Ooookay, here we go!
The coulourpop concealer is definitely a competitor in the "awesome coverage" realm. It does what it says. Crease proof, full coverage and blendable. For $6, it's definitely worth the try!
One thing to note with these... they oxidize on the skin after a few seconds. Meaning, they go darker than what you see in the tube and apply. Once the warmth of your skin reacts with the concealer, it darkens. So I advise you go a shade lighter than you think!
Light 20 (probably could of stood to do the 15)
Medium 30 - for when I was tanner.

The bronzers pictured above are actually their old formula. The new bronzers come in a compact or just as a plain metal disk that you can put in a pallet. I really like them! I was using an expensive brand before I tried these, and I think they're REALLY comparable! Some have shimmer and others don't, so be sure to pay attention to that before purchasing!
Afternoon Delight 
In it to Win it
The blushes come in what colourpop likes to refer to as their "super shock formula". It's got the consistency of firm mouse almost. It's bouncy and VERY soft. A really cool texture I've never felt before... but somewhat tricky to transfer to skin really well, if you're not using the right tools. 
What works BEST, is my stipple brush, my favorite beauty sponge blender (which is a much better deal through that Amazon link than in stores) or simply my finger sometimes! I found that other fluffy brushes didn't pick up the product as well. 
Forget Me Not - 1
Martian - 2 (this was a limited time blush... but try Cheerio or Cruel Intentions!)
Thumper - 3
Get Leid - 4
I'm obsessed with highlighter! It brightens your face and makes you look fresh and glowy!
I've liked all of the individual super shock shadow highlighters, but wasn't AS impressed with some of the pressed powder ones. I apply my highlighter to the tops of my cheekbone, down the very center of my nose and on my cupids bow - that little dent above your upper lip.
Glo Up
Stole The Show
Blow Me Out
Lunch Money (I am ordering this one today to try!)

I have to say that I also tried the liquid highlighter that Colourpop sells, and I liked it, but more-so when I was heading to the pool and needed something hydrating, but still brightening! It's a very light formula, but if you swipe it too rough over your foundation it can kind of pull your face makeup up a bit - it IS a liquid, so that's not too surprising. So for natural skin, or people who don't wear foundation... I recommend this liquid highlighter for sure!
The Colourpop eyeshadows are AWESOME. Very pigmented and they go on great! There are LOTS of colors to try and for only like $4 each! It's kind of a no brainer. I could talk about each of these, but I'll just put quick notes by the ones you should know about - and that I like and disliked. 
Oh! And know that unless they're listed as "super shock shadows" they'll come in little metal "pans" like pictured above, and you'll need to get a magnetic makeup pallet for them to go in. I LOVE mine, because I can fit SO many of my favorites in one! Makes traveling with my makeup WAY easier!
Let Me Explain - favorite to highlight my inner corners with
On The Fence - the perfect shimmery pink
Goody-Two-Shoes - favorite deep gray to use in my crease line
Board Shorts
Come and Get It
High Strung - really pretty coppery brown.
Take The Lead - awesome gray-brown shade
Double Date
Cake Walk
143 - super pretty deep but vibrant purple!
Party Favors
The Big 3 - hated this one. It had a green kick to it that I didn't like. 
Take It Slow
Conundrum - pretty warm brown
Hear Me Out - not my fave. Too pinky-orange for my skin tone.
Glitteratie - really pretty on
So Quiche
Tassel - pretty shimmer for the corners of your eyes.
Dance Party - super cool layered on top of a lighter purple!
Birthday Cake 
Cuddle Buddy - pink with a hint of glitter. Pretty in the center of your lid!
Birthday Boy
I've only used one eyebrow product, but I have a few more on the way to try out :) 
With the brow colour, I use a small angled brush and apply it through my combed brows. It leaves a pretty, soft filled look.
Blondie - precision brow colour
Ohhhh lipstick. It's my weakness for SURE. I've bought SO many, and LOVE so many!
Here's the rundown on Colourpop lip products

There are 5 different lip formulas that come in the "lip gloss-like" tubes with the silver applicator top.
Ultra Matte - not my favorite because it's VERY drying, but if I LOVE a color in this line, I will usually swipe plain chapstick or my favorite Nivea Kiss of Shimmer on the top.
I've Tried:
Trap - a lot browner than I thought it would be.
Midi - pinky brown.
More Better - super deep, but bright pink!
Zipper - uhhhh, way too intense. I never really wear it.

Ultra Satin - This is my favorite finish of all the formulas. It goes on well and doesn't dry out your lips. There are also a ton of colors and it's not sticky at all. 
I've Tried:
Dopey - my girls love this one and wear it all the time.
Love Muffin
Molly - I've ordered 3 of these because we run out so often!
The Rabbit - super intense pink!
Panda - super intense purple!

Ultra Glossy - While these are pretty and shiny, I'm just not a typical "gloss" girl. But my daughters LOVE them and I DO have a couple of colors of my own in this formula, and it's not sticky at all. My advice, if you're not used to wearing glossy-glosses?... stay in the neutral zone. I will typically swipe my nude Ultra Glosses on top of something to kick things up a notch.
I've tried:
Finders Keepers
Fair Floss - a sheer nude gloss that goes super well over any other lipstick!
Master Plan
Bestie - my girls love this one and wear it all the time.
Wishes - super pretty purply-pink shade!

Ultra Metallic - This is my VERY close second favorite. There have been mixed reviews on this metallic lip formula... but I have to say?... I LOVE IT! It's so pretty, velvety, shimmery... but not at all glittery. I LOVE Dirty Bird, Flitter and I'm ordering Treat Wave to try. There aren't a lot of colors (bummer) but I think the finished look is super cool. Again, just adding a touch of one of these on top of a different lipstick is SUPER cool looking too! 
I've Tried:
Dirty Bird - one of my faves!

Ultra Blotted - I'd say this is Colourpop's version of Lipsense. It's suppose to be super long wearing (transfer proof) and slide on smooth. My verdict is....... it's just SUPER matte. lol. I feel like the original Blotted Lip formula is WAY more conditioning on the lip and just feels better. BUT, this IS transfer proof and doesn't rub off. The original blotted lip does. That being said, I also found when I tried to "build up" (aka: put on multiple layers so the color deepens) it just doesn't do really well - for me anyway.
I've Tried:
Cherry on Top
Double Scoop

The other lip formulas left are the: 
Blotted Lip - I talked about that up there. I like this formula a lot. It's not like regular lipstick. It's more sheer and natural looking. 
I've Tried: 
Ice Cube - My girls love this one. It's a pretty pinkish color. 
Brain Freeze 
Lolly - This is SO pretty on. It's deep in color, but not SO full coverage that you have to worry about it getting anywhere really.
Lippie Stix - Meh. Just kind of acts like regular lipstick to me. Nothing super amazing - but for the price, if there's a color you like... then I say grab one! I tried a bunch of neutrals of this formula for my kiddos to wear to school. And they really like them :)
I've Tried:
Skimpy - Probably my favorite out of all of these
Oh Snap

Lippie Pencil - These are really pretty good. Creamy and go on very smooth. No drying. I only have two of them though, because their color range is not very good.
I've Tried:
Skimpy - A good nude liner
Heart On - VERY vibrant pink!

Lip Balm - I bought two of these and I really like them! They were awesome for the summer before I headed to the pool when I just wanted a little shimmer and hydration on my lips.
I've Tried:
Roze Quarts - I feel like this one has a prettier tone.
Are you still here reading? LOL
Okay, the Colourpop brushes are fairly new and they're actually really good! But, if I'm being honest, I can buy e.l.f brushes for less and they're just as great... with the exception of a couple. 
Fan Brush
Pencil Brush
Small Shader Brush - MY FAVORITE - I have 3 of them! I use them for concealer, inner corner eyeshadow highlighting and more!!


Okay guys, you MADE IT! You're now a certified Colourpop PRO😂! So now you can buy and try with a little more confidence hopefully!
Happy makeup shopping!


  1. Love all these tips! Thanks for all your hard work on trying these out for all of us.

  2. I just ordered Monday - can't wait to try it!


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