Long Lasting Drugstore Lipstick I Love!

In a sea of LipSense (which is so great, but doesn't really work well with my skin), I'm just a makeup-lovin' girl trying to find a really awesome, non-drying, non-crumbly, long-lasting lipstick! There are TONS of options, and I've tried lots, so I'll keep you posted on which ones I find along the way that I love (and ones I don't).
Recently I've had lots of questions specifically about the Super Stay Matte Ink from Maybelline that I tested out and chatted about a few weeks ago on my Insta stories. So I wanted to share my thoughts and some color swatches with you!

First off, there are 10 colors in this line, so not a huge range...
But the 4 below that I've purchased and tried are all REALLY pretty!
- I LOVE how saturated the colors are. You don't need a ton of coats for great coverage. 
- The applicator tip is nice and pointed, so it's a lot easier to get a crisp outer edge on your lip line.
- It's not SO matte that it dries out your lips.
- There is no dry crumbly mess as the color wears throughout the day.
- It lasts a LONG time!

- The sticky factor.
So, there was really only this one con for me, and that was the fact that once you apply the Super Stay Matte Ink to your lips... it feels kind of sticky for longer than I had anticipated. 
After a little while it goes away, but for some reason it's tacky at first. Not uncomfortable or "sticky" enough to stop me from wearing it, but just a heads up, that it IS a thing.

I swatched the 4 colors on my hand to the right, so you could see them better and below are pictures with me wearing Creator and Loyalist. 

The Super Stay Matte Ink formula is FOR SURE a new favorite of mine, so if you're in the market for a long-wearing lip color, it's definitely worth a try!

I'm sure you noticed the other two swatches on my hand above as well. Those are a couple I am trying out from the Revlon Ultra HD line.

I LOVE their color selection, but they aren't as long-wearing and end up looking more like a stain, than a saturated lipstick. I'm sharing them because I really liked the way these feel on the lips (soft and velvety), and they're a great option for those of you who don't want SO MUCH of a color commitment!
Here are the 24 colors. The top row comes in metallic finishes.

The two colors pictured above that I have, are Crush and Glow. Here's a pic of what crush looks like on...

Now for a couple of long wearing lipsticks I wasn't such a fan of:
Just so we're clear, these might be somebody else's absolute faves, but for ME, they came up as duds. 
The Maybelline 24 hour super stay crumbled and dried out awkwardly on the insides of my lips after just a few hours. It was a mess and flaked onto my teeth (ew!). I was so sad, because this formula comes in over 30 shades.
The Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream was super affordable and boasts that it's a 16 hour wear that is non-sticky and smooth... but it was definitely NOT transfer proof. After just an hour or two I noticed lots of wear towards the insides of my lips, resulting in well.....🙅

It wasn't pretty. lol.

That being said, I loved a few of their metallic shades and would totally swipe them on top of another long-wearing color to get a cool, shimmery - but not glossy - finish. 
And I did just that in the pic below. 

So there ya have it. A couple of faves from this lipstick-lovin girl! I hope this info is helpful on your next shopping trip to the makeup isle! 


  1. I love you’re reviews! I had just bought a few of the Maybelline lipsticks over the weekend and loved them! Going to get a few more colors now.

  2. Thanks for all your reviews, I'm enjoying them, LOL, You wear your make up very nicely. Love the way you do your eyes.

  3. Keep 'em coming - I love the concept of matte lip color, but have had such a hard time finding one that isn't crusty and gross, I gave up and decided to save my $$. Sounds like we have similar criteria, so I'll jump back in and give this a try!

  4. Thanks for the reviews. I have been so confused on lipstick. Now I know. I will try your favs.

  5. Will you do a review of the best buys with Colour Pop? Dying to buy but hate to grab stuff online without testing it in person!

  6. Thank you for these reviews!! I'm always scared to wear a long-lasting color! I am definitely going to try these!

  7. Love this and all of your makeup tips! How do you remove your lipstick and what do you put in your lips overnight to keep them hydrated (if anything)?

  8. I've been trying several lately. Loving wet n world's catsuit matte lip color in rebel rose, it's the perfect mix of not too dry, but lasts long. I wanted to love the lightest color nudie pattotie, but it was super drying. At only $4.99 I didn't feel bad about trying it

  9. yes! Thank you!! You always have the best colors. I am a lippie hoarder too and now I might go pick up a few of these too!


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