Easy Oven Baked Sheet Pan Eggs - Breakfast for the Whole Week!

So, it's basically a giant oven omelet that you can cut into squares and make breakfast sandwiches with, or eat all on it's own.
It's super simple, makes a ton, and bonus... you can say you totally "meal prep" #lifewin.

15 eggs
1/3 cup milk
Salt & Pepper
... really, just anything else you like. Veggies are great in this too. 

- Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
- Generously coat a sheet pan with nonstick spray.
- Mix all of your ingredients together.
- Pour them onto the sheet pan. 
- Bake for 18-25 minutes (they are done when the center no longer wiggles)
- Let cool.
- Cut into squares and package in individual portions for easy reheating.



  1. This is going to be a huge time saver! I already cook my sausage and bacon in the oven, now I can cook the eggs too. Thanks for sharing this tip!

  2. Hey girl heeeeeey! I love your Insta but have shut myself off from that and Facebook to have more productive time in my life. Tough love for me. And, its working! The one thing I miss (honestly, cross my heard) are your beauty reviews. Would you consider compiling here? I've bought some new things that I love based on your demos (that Maybelline 24 hour lip superstay!!). It would be great to have a reference place...now its a ton of work...and I love your fashion recommendations too. You always look so cute.

  3. Made this on Sunday and it has been a nice change from our normal hard boiled egg routine in the mornings. Love your Instagram stories and blog!


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