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Spiders, mice, snails... and pretty much any other creepy, crawly or furry critter - is a big NO NO in my book. ESPECIALLY when they're IN my house.

I legitimately have anxiety about seeing a mouse in my house, and LOATH killing spiders.
Even though I'm trying SO HARD to be brave about it now as a single-parent (aka: the only resident critter killer in this house, because my girls won't do it)... I still, may or may not have made the neighbor boy come over a handful of times to kill the bugs for me that are bigger than a pencil eraser.
That being said, I've only hired out pest control once before, and let's just say I wasn't impressed -  BUT, as a newly single parent, solo critter killer and homeowner... I decided that I needed to ACTUALLY have someone come preemptively take care of things for me (mostly so I didn't have to bug the poor neighbor kid so often).
Enter Moxie Pest Control!!
(pssst... mention just seeing this, and they'll give you $100 off) 🙌
I met the cute husband and wife duo who run Moxie here in Utah at an event I was attending, and LOVED them immediately. They were so nice, honest about what they could help me with, and promised me the best customer service and pest control treatments EVER.
(plus I found out, they have more 5 star reviews than any other pest control company in Utah)
🙋- sign me up!

- I documented everything, because I sure as heck didn't know what I should be watching for in a GOOD pest control treatment, and I figured someone else out there wouldn't either.
- Asked tons of questions.
- Made the poor technician pose for me twice. LOL
"Hey!... um, you're doing SO good, but if you could just like... hold that pose, so I don't get a blurry pic - that would be way awesome for me!"😬
- Then after testing out the initial treatment they did on my house for a couple of months, and really seeing my creepy-critter issues dramatically subsiding...  I had the nerve to ask the owners for a hefty discount for you. LOL Yup... I'm THAT girl. You can thank my later. 😜

Just mention that you saw this "House of Smiths post" and they'll give you $100 off your initial service. BOOYAH!

Oh! And Moxie has 16 locations nationwide. So if you live near any one of these below locations they have, then this discount will STILL totally work!!!
Again... you're welcome (bowing like an idiot, because I get so giddy about a good discount LOL!)

Dallas Fort Worth
Northern Virginia
Southern Virginia
Raleigh North Carolina
Phoenix Arizona
Oklahoma City
Nashville Tennessee
Denver Colorado
Orange County California
Riverside County California
Murray Utah
Las Vegas Nevada
Kansas City
Tuscon Arizona
San Diego California
Columbus Ohio
(click here for contact info)

Okay, so now here are some more pictures and a big ol' list of things you should expect from Moxie Pest Control when they come.
In my opinion they REALLY ARE impressive, thorough, clean, polite, respectful, and have awesome customer service. Definitely worth a try if you're in the market for an awesome pest control company.

- Treating indoors and out.
- Sweeping the eaves: Brings down spider webs decreasing spider activity.
- Treating the cracks in and around property barrier.
- Power spraying the property line to decrease neighbors pests from coming into your yard.
- Setting a 6ft barrier around your home to prevent pests from coming inside.
- Spreading specialized granules on your lawn that seep into the soil to help decrease activity before it surfaces + it is good for your grass!
- ALL pet and kid safe pesticide formulas.
- Free re-services. Moxie will come back as many times as you need them too, if you happen to see any pest activity in between regular quarterly services.

I honestly hope this recommendation helps those of you who are looking into getting some pest control servicing done this Summer. I know there are a ton of companies out there, and I just thought I'd share who is working really well for ME right now!

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