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Instagram Photo Wall Display

A few weeks back we showed you the best way to print Instagram photos in lost of different sizes and paper finishes. Sometimes I get doubles of certain prints because I never know where I'll want to use them, and the other day I got the idea to put some of those extras up on our makeshift clothesline photo display wall upstairs in our entryway.

This past Fall we put a call out for reader to send Holiday cards so we could get to know all of you a little better, and were completely flabbergasted at the outpouring of love, kindness and inspiration that came with each one.

Since we didn't really talk much about how we made our photo wall display back then, we thought we'd cover in more detail, how we rigged this card and picture hanger up!

- Use 2 pieces of PVC composite molding on each side of your wall as the anchors for your hook and eye and string to be attached to.
- Using the "eye" portion of your hook and eye hardware, thread the end into your composite molding at equal distances apart on each side.
- Then take your twine or string and feed it back and forth through the middle of each eyes opening.
TIP: Wrapping a piece of tape around the end of your string will help it to not fray.

To attach the molding to the wall we used Command picture hanging strips, so that we wouldn't have to make any additional holes to re-patch later if we decided we wanted something else in this spot.

Our printed Instagram photos were beautiful all on their own, but I added a few other elements and scrapbooking papers with cute patterns to dress the wall up a bit.

I also designed this simple sign from a piece of MDF and some vinyl from our House of Smiths Design shop to put at the top of my photo display. I spray painted the board high-gloss white and then used gold vinyl for my lettering.
This is a quote that I LOVE, and it really speaks to me when it comes to photography. You can buy a copy of it for your home here.

I know we've talked about this a ton, but having photos displayed in our home is so important to us. It creates opportunities for our family to reminisce, chat and laugh about past moments that we've created together.
I've also noticed that having this fun photo wall feature up, with daily photos, instead of the typical staged family portraits has encouraged guests to stop and take a look at our lives in a different way. They ask questions, make comments and do a lot more interacting with us when they come to visit. It's so fun!

Do you have a space in your home that acts as a picture drop-spot for your fun Instagram photos?
A magnet board, fridge door or photo-book? If not, then you definitely should think of finding one!


  1. What a lovely idea! I've had my 2012 photo a day instagram pics made into a poster, but I you've inspired me to display 2013's photos in our hallway too. Thanks so much for the idea and inspiration x

  2. I absolutely love this project! One of my new favourites of yours :)
    I really need to get on instagram...


  3. How cute Shelley! I am amazed at how many cards you received!!!

  4. I am putting this on my list of must makes! I love that I don't have to put holes in my walls! I've been trying to figure out just the right way to display instagram pics and this is it!

  5. Love this. I made a small one from an advent frame I purchased. However, I'm quickly discovering it to be small. I'm going to have to expand to this size. Check out mine it's a post of Instagram Frame @ bohemianjunktion.com

  6. This is such a good idea! Your house is beautiful!

  7. This is a great idea. I'm walking around my home right now looking for a spot to create my own Instagram gallery!
    Laura @luckypennylove.com

  8. Don't want to be rude but this reminded me..I thought you had mentioned in a post that something was being sent to all of the people who sent you holiday cards.. Did I miss it?

  9. love this idea! and i love the size that's it's so big and pictures awesomeness!!! totally need to do this.

  10. I just love your blog. Thanks for all the great ideas. Just one question, I see that your husband is very involved in all the projects. Is this in his field of work?

  11. Love this idea!! I am fairly new to your blog but enjoy reading everything. What does your husband do as a career? I see that he is very involved with everything and I was just curious. Your girls are adorable!!

  12. Where did you get the quote that talks about pausing in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy? I LOVE IT! Thank!

  13. Where did you get that quote about pausing in our pursuit of happiness and just being happy? I LOVE IT!

  14. Hmm... I may need to find some space for something like this. But while I'm figuring it out- let me just say that I love yours! What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. i love this idea! also, loved how you said hanging pics you take of your daily life, instead of posed ones, makes you view your lives in a different way!!

    i'm doing this!!

    also, in one of your pictures you're wearing a chambray shirt. where did you find it? i've been trying to find one that i'm able to button but doesn't make me look like i'm wearing a tent just to cover "the girls". :)

    thanks again for this post!

  16. What an awesome idea to hang pictures.

  17. Beautiful! How far about did y'all place the hooks the string threaded through?

    Thanks! :)

  18. Love this project!!! So fun! I featured you today on my Kick-Off Friday post! http://craftivitydesigns.blogspot.com/2013/05/kick-off-friday_17.html

    Erica @ Craftivity Designs

  19. LOVE this! You have the best eye for this kind of stuff!!

  20. Love this sooooo much.... Where do you get your instagram pictures printed? Thanks Savannah

  21. This is so wonderful. It's one of those ideas that has been milling around in my head. . .I have the wall but needed the idea of how to do it for our instagram photos. Washi tape just isn't cutting it anymore! Thanks so much. We find our guests are much more into our candid insta photos, too. So fun and we look and chat about the moments all the time.

  22. I love this! What a great way to display photos!

  23. Nice ! I love that ! :)

    Melanie ~ www.shabby-memories.blogspot.fr

  24. Hey, my name is Laura and I have started blogging about tips for displaying printed Instagram photos. I have been doing lots of looking around to find unique ideas and I just wanted to let you know I love this idea! I love seeing the crafty ideas that people create to display their Instagram photos! Thank you for the inspiration and thank you for sharing. I hope this idea inspires people to print their Instagram photos!


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