Beadboard Paneling

{Beadboad Paneling}
I couldn't decide if I wanted to do beadboard paneling in the kitchen, or in the living room. But since our living room... kinda' IS in the kitchen, I opted on putting it there. lol.  Plus, I love beadboard because its a great way to fill a wall space.
I'm LOVING the way this is turning out!
My brother Mike brought over this AMAZING little tool that has this vibrating blade, and it cuts out the light socket holes in NO TIME!.... If you've EVER put up any kind of paneling, then you KNOW that this part of the job is a JOKE, but with this tool it was so easy!
We finished putting up this wall about a week or two ago, and it's just been sitting there... waiting for the finishing touches.

All we did was cut the beadboard to the height we wanted, but some liquid nails adhesive on the back, adhere to the wall, with a few finishing nails... and that's it!
I just got done puttying it all up, and now I'm heading up to paint.  This project still has a ways to go, but it's getting there!!!!

K, here is a little peek at what is going on TOP of the beadboard. It's going to have this chunky molding... and then we're gonna build a shelf on top of that! I can't wait!


So, whenever I do a project, I have an inspiration. This time it was this picture from The Lettered Cottage
I love this blog! Layla and Kevin have done some MOST amazing things! I could spend hours here looking around.

So, anyway, I love this dining room that she did, and so I did a big copy cat of it.... switching mine up a bit, with the larger panel.  But TOTALLY took her advice, when it came to my new paint color.
She used a paint color called Rice Grain, from Sherwin Williams....which was a little too expensive for my blood, so I just took the swatch, and color matched it at Home Depot.... and wa-la!
Glidden's Autumn Harvest...

Totally the SAME color! No joke... and about $15 a can cheaper!
This is the first color that I've actually taken... from someone online, and LOVED! So... Thank you Layla!


  1. LOVING IT! So funny last week I was googling Kitchens and stumbled upon the lettered cottage. Spent hours and hours checking out past posts on it and then I get on House of Smiths and she was your inspiration! We must think a bit alike. I totally agree with you on getting to comfy with my colors and not trying anything new. I always look at photos too and wish my house could look like that! (of course right now I don't have a house but I always plan for the future!)Anyway WAY TO BE BRAVE! I can't wait to see more!

  2. You're welcome! SO glad you liked what we did in our Dining Room, and we're SO impressed with what YOU'RE doing! Keep up the great work, we can't wait to see what you do!

    Kevin and Layla

  3. Hey Shelley! Love what you are doing! Hey is your new paint color a off white, cream or yellow color...it is hard to tell, but i love it! Will you let me know?

  4. So I recently found your blog from a post on U-Create with the bathroom mirror frame, and I've totally been scouring your blog ever since. I LOVE what you do!!! I was wondering, where did you find sheets of wide beadboard? Every time I go to Lowes or Home Depot they only have skinny stuff. HELP! Thanks wrightmemail@gmail.com

  5. What color is the wall above the bead board? Thanks! Plz email at mseduc8or@yahoo.com

  6. What color is the wall above the bead board? Plz email me at mseduc8or@yahoo.com.

    Thanks so much!

    Love your blog!!!

  7. Hey Shelley! I am going to try my best to recreate your gallery wall with shelf and bead board. I am wondering what the height is you decided on for the bead board, then what is the distance between the top of the board to where the shelf starts. I think this will fill my wall perfectly, can't wait to do it. My house is painted a very similar shade to Autumn Haze and we moved into this house and had no idea what color these walls were (also has a bit of texture on them which makes them look dirty) and we need to repaint so I am very excited that Autumn Haze matches!!! Thank you for all of your awesome projects!!!


    Love your blog!!! Kelli

  8. I'm also interested in what height you chose for the board. Many thanks!

  9. I'm also interested in what height you chose for the board. Many thanks!


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